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Uniforms/Spirit Shop

Holy Family Catholic High School is excited to be offering new options from a new uniform provider for the 2022-23 school year. is the official  provider of all uniforms. The school office has shirts for sizing purposes. The GameOne online store is open approximately four times per year. Parents and students are notified in advance of sale windows.

Please stop by our admissions office for some recent spirit wear options!

Dress Code Policy 2022-23

Personal Appearance: Uniform

The purpose of the Holy Family Uniform is:

  • to support academic success,
  • to promote respect for self and the Holy Family school community,
  • to create an environment that minimizes socioeconomic differences displayed through attire,
  • to prepare students for dress in a professional environment, and
  • to promote unity: a feeling of belonging to something bigger than any individual.

In all aspects, the uniform should promote a clean, neat, and modest appearance. 

Acceptable Bottoms: Black or khaki dress pants, golf-type pants, or stretch woven joggers

(No skirts, shorts, leggings, harem style, yoga pants, denim, capri pants, or sweatpants)

*Pants options for males are included in the GameOne uniform offerings. Female pants are not. Pants for both males and females can be purchased anywhere if they adhere to the uniform guidelines.

*Changes to uniform bottoms: No shorts, no skirts- enforcement of length for both became inconsistent, confrontational, and problematic. Sweatpants have always been prohibited; however, enforcement has been inconsistent. These changes will resolve that issue.

Acceptable tops: Black, green, or white short-sleeve logoed polos, quarter zip-shirt, hooded or crew neck sweatshirts sold through GameOne.

(No sweaters or jackets)

*Changes to uniform tops: No sweaters and no oxfords. Non-logoed tops have always been prohibited; this will now be universally enforced.

Shoes: Must be closed-toed shoes.

(No sandals, Birkenstocks-style slides, flip flops, slide-ins, etc.)

Spirit Days: This will be the last day of each week. Uniform bottoms and closed-toed shoes with school spirit wear on top.

(No jackets or non-HF apparel)

General Uniform Notes

  • Leggings and/or yoga pants cannot be worn by themselves on regular, spirit wear, retreat, or out-of-uniform days.
  • There is a distinct difference between joggers and sweatpants. Acceptable joggers are similar to travel pants or golf pants. They are made of stretch woven material, whereas sweatpants are made of cotton/fleece type material. Sweatpants are not allowed.
  • Pants with logos on the pant legs are not allowed.
  • The uniform is to be clean, neat, in good repair, and free of any non-school-related badges, buttons, stickers, or other accessories.
  • Clothing may not be cut, shortened, or otherwise modified.
  • Jackets, hoods, hats, and sunglasses are not allowed during the school day unless specifically permitted for dress-up days (such permission will be announced).

At all times, including special dress days, all clothing and accessories that represent and/or promote politics, political candidates, inappropriate messages, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other illegal substances, violence, threats, gangs, or hate groups are prohibited.

The administration has the right to determine the appropriateness of the uniform.

Students will be allowed to wear previously purchased polos, hooded and crew neck sweatshirts, and quarter-zip shirts, if they follow the UPDATED uniform policy until the end of the 2023-2024 school year or if wear and tear or growth require replacement. At that time, replacement with updated new logo apparel is required.