The following is a list of the upcoming admissions dates and deadlines for students planning on enrolling at Holy Family. Any questions regarding any of these events or dates may be sent to our Admissions Associate Katie Miller at millerk@hfchs.org or our Executive Director for Enrollment Rory Oster at osterr@hfchs.org.

  • JULY 1: Applications for Enrollment Accepted

  • SEPTEMBER 15: Shadow Visit Season

  • FALL 2022-May 2023: Fire Family Visits

  • DECEMBER 5, 2022: Apply by this date to have fee waived

  • JANUARY 7, 2023: Placement Test Date - 8:00 a.m.

  • January 22, 2023: Scholarship and Grant Applications Due - 9th Grade Only

  • JANUARY 22, 2023: Priority Deadline for financial aid

  • MID-FEBRUARY: Priority Financial Aid and Scholarship Notification

  • FEBRUARY 14 or FEBRUARY 16, 2022: Class Registration Nights

  • Accept Scholarships and Tuition Assistance by April

  • Early June 2023: HFCHS Math Placement Testing Date

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