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2024 Honor Society Ceremony

2024 Honor Society Ceremony

On Wednesday, April 24, the honor society held its annual ceremony, inducting new members and renewing the commitment of existing ones. This significant event served as a celebration of academic excellence and service, reinforcing the enduring values cherished by the society's members.

Holy Family Honor Society membership requires students to maintain a 3.5 GPA, abide by the school handbook, and complete 20 hours of documented community service. 

The following students met these requirements for the 2023-2024 school year:

Gold Members

Seven semesters of participation

Emma Augustyn
Kamea Bale
Catherine Dueck
Jack Egenes
Jocelyn Fette
Vivian French
Angelina Huynh
Phoebe Johnson
Gabrielle Kapke
Alexander Ketchem
Andrew Klawitter
Tamara Mackey
Gabriela Oconitrillo
Keenan Olsen
Nick Osgood
Kristian Palattao
Chloe Perrin-Smith
Thomas Redwing
Kiera Schmeling
Zoe Schuele
Caitlin Sieve
Charles Smith
Samuel Treat
Sophia Zay

Laurel Members

Five to six semesters of participation

Robert Alexander
Maggie Babler
Benjamin Barth
Cora Bukovich
Lucy Carraux
Jacob Clifford
Casey Cronin
Brianna DeLorenzo
Elias Foudray
Ellanore Galvin
Hayden Guggemos
Grace Guyer
William Hatfield
Hannah Henderson
Sophia Jesse
Lillian Kunkel
Meredith Linsley
Christina Maher
Keira Mertz
Jessica Pass
Ariana Radel
Alexandra Raw
Addison Rice
Margaret Santini
Amanda Seck
Andrew Silverman
Macey Smith
Aaron Sorkin
Dylan Spalding
Matilyn Vollmer
Lauren Weigel
Bryce Wiitala
Jack Willenbring
Luciana Witcombe
Mia Worrell


Three to four semesters of participation

Andrew Athmann
Zachry Beach
Natalia Bellefy
Isabella Bresnan
Landry Brower
Kate Buchholz
Erik Charchenko
Evonne Domyahn
Maren Grussing
James Guillemette
Bree Hallson
Nathan Hamilton
Paige Johander
Cecilia Jones
Luke Kans
Adam Kimbrel
Brady Krautkramer
Alexa Krienke
John Mackey
Kallin McColm
Jillian Mlodozynie
Elijah Moe
Hayden Nichols
Isabelle Paulson
Abigail Pawelek
Abigail Ries
Elise Riley
Kathryn Rothstein
Zachary Sevcik
Ava Shirley
Will Skinner
Ryan Spalding
Rachel Spoden
Samuel Stukenborg
Skyler Theis
Henry Trcka
Greta Tupa Clark
Brooklyn Weise

In addition to taking the oath to renew their commitments to high standards in academics, character, and service, the members and their guests heard from senior and guest speakers.

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