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Placement Test Information

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We believe placement tests assist students in making informed decisions about their academic journey, ensuring they enroll in courses that align with their knowledge and skills, leading to a successful and rewarding educational experience. Holy Family Catholic High School does not use placement tests as a criteria for acceptance.

Star Reading Assessment

Evaluating and understanding your child's academic strengths and progress is an important component in getting know your child as an individual learner. Therefore, as a requirement for enrollment at Holy Family Catholic High School, incoming ninth-grade students complete the STAR Reading Assessment. While this test is not a criterion for acceptance and is a singular snapshot of your child's abilities, it does provide helpful information for the student, parents, and school on preparedness for high school academics. 

The STAR Reading Assessment is given in January of your child's 8th-grade year. Students enrolling after that date will be also be asked to take the assessment. In addition, incoming ninth-grade students registering for advanced level math or Spanish courses may be required to take a subject specific placement test in mid-May or early-June.

STAR Reading Frequently Asked Questions

Math Placement Tests

Success in math is often predicated on a secure knowledge of current concepts before taking on new ones. To ensure students are ready for their ninth-grade math course, Holy Family administers the HFCHS Mathematics Placement Test. 

Class of 2028 Mathematics Placement Test Dates

  • Saturday, May 11 at 9 a.m.
  • Thursday, June 13 at 9 a.m.

Please use the form found in your Blackbaud account to register for the date your child will take the placement test.  Please only register if your child is required to take the placement test as described in the FAQs below.

If your child is unable to attend either of the two testing dates, please contact the school office by email to schedule a date and time for a test.

Math Placement Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish Placement Tests

Each middle school language program is unique, and we want to find the best course available for your student to find success with Spanish and meet your child's individual needs.  

Students who Registered for Spanish 2 or Honors 2 

Students wishing to take Spanish 2 or Honors Spanish 2 must take the online Spanish placement test. The student may take the Spanish 2 Placement Test online whenever he or she is ready but no later than June 15. Students should take this test independently and refrain from using any outside help such as dictionaries, Google translate, etc. Please contact  Karen Kidrowski with any questions.  She will contact you with the results and a recommendation for what class to take next year. 

Students who Registered for Spanish 3, Honors 3 or AP Spanish

Students coming from a Spanish Immersion program or that registered to take Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 3 or AP Spanish will receive an email from Karen Kidrowski with instructions for an individual assessment.