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Current Enrollment

Families are looking for a school that will allow their student to stand out while fitting in, and an environment where respect is given and expected. A place where each student is known by name and supported in fulfilling his or her greatest potential. Holy Family Catholic High School is that school!

We commit to partnering with parents in developing students who strive to excel in academics, athletics, arts, and spiritual growth. We believe in the importance of a Catholic education, regardless of a family’s financial constraints.

We maintain small class sizes and low staff to student ratios to ensure optimal learning and to allow every student to shine based on his or her own gifts. We develop Christian leaders with global perspectives.

Current Enrollment: 560 Students

Welcome to Holy Family— Your community, your school, your family. 

Boston University
Brown University
Berkeley University of California
Vanderbilt University
Texas University
Stanford University
Ohio State University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Duke University