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May Term

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A Chance to Expand and Explore

May Term is an innovative program designed to provide unique and enriching learning experiences for Holy Family students. This schedule is a distinctively different approach to the traditional end of the school year. May Term harnesses the potential of the finals weeks of May by optimizing time and increasing overall educational value. It promotes a school environment of excitement, engagement, and inquiry as students pursue studies in areas outside the scope of the current curriculum.

Students will enroll in a series of elective courses designed to stretch their imaginations, offer exposure to new topics and ideas, and afford opportunities for diving deeper into subject areas. Course offerings are designed by Holy Family faculty, both independently and collaboratively, and target students’ interests.

Program Goals and Outcomes:

  • Exposure to a broad range of electives
  • Beneficial adjustments to annual school calendar (finals before Christmas)
  • Mental health support (allows for decompression and retreat over break as well as offering classes that promote positive mental health)
  • An attractive addition to competitive colleges and universities that are looking for students to distinguish themselves from others

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