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The administration and faculty of Holy Family Catholic High School spend considerable time and energy reviewing current courses and developing new courses and curriculum as the needs arise.

We are committed to providing our students with engaging, relevant course offerings and real-world life experiences to provide insight into future careers.

We encourage students to talk with their counselors and current teachers for advice about their future paths and possible classes that will stretch and challenge their academic abilities while allowing for  a balanced student life experience. 

Course Catalogue

Explore our complete course catalogue below. Course requirements for graduation from Holy Family Catholic High School are outlined on this page by year as well. All are full-year courses unless otherwise indicated. Full-year courses are worth 1 credit; semester courses are worth ½ credit. Holy Family Catholic High School awards a diploma to student when 26 total credits are earned and meet specific requirements in each discipline. Students must take at least 5.5 credits per year.

Please click on the link to the course catalog to view our course offerings in detail.

2024-2025 Course Catalog

2024 May Term Catalog

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The business department offers students the opportunity to explore the various branches of business, including accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

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The English Department promotes the daily and academic use of language arts skills in the lives of our students through student-centered learning environments. 

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Math courses encourage and challenge students of all ability levels in the study of math and  preparation for college and life.

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May Term

May Term is an innovative program designed to provide unique and enriching learning experiences for Holy Family students. This schedule is a distinctively different approach to the traditional end of the school year. May Term harnesses the potential of the finals weeks of May by optimizing time and increasing overall educational value. It promotes a school environment of excitement, engagement, and inquiry as students pursue studies in areas outside the scope of the current curriculum. 

Following the completion of second-semester final exams, students will enroll in a series of elective courses designed to stretch their imaginations, offer exposure to new topics and ideas, and afford opportunities for diving deeper into subject areas. Course offerings are designed by Holy Family faculty, both independently and collaboratively, and target students’ interests. May Term completion appears on students’ transcripts.

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Technology education prepares students to function capably and ethically in a highly technological and ever-changing society. 

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The Theology Department, in conjunction with Campus Ministry, plays a central role in the school’s mission of incorporating the Catholic faith into the academic and spiritual development of each student. 

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Visual Arts

The visual arts are integral to the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of students. Visual art provides an opportunity for students to be expressive in different media. Higher order thinking skills are developed. At the same time, there is a need for people who are creative, good problem solvers, and independent workers. The visual arts help students develop these qualities. Art education is also designed to help students learn to value God’s beautiful creations.

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World Languages

The study of World Languages helps students gain an appreciation and respect for other cultures, histories, and ethnic makeup. 

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Graduation Requirements

Holy Family Catholic High School awards a diploma to student when 26 total credits are earned and meet specific requirements in each discipline. Students must take at least 5.5 credits per year.

Subject Area Class of 2024 +
Theology 4.0 credits: Sacred Scripture, Christian Morality, Sacraments and Liturgy, Ecclesiology, and Catholic Social Teaching required
English 4.5 credits: Speech, World Literature, and American Literature required

4.0 credits: Completion of Algebra II required and three credits during high school required.

Science 3.0 credits:
Biology and Chemistry required
P. E./Health 1.0 credit:
Health Required
Social Studies 3.5 credits: World History & Geography, United States History, and Government required
Technology 0.5 credit
World Language At least two credits of the same language are highly recommended
Fine Arts 0.5 credit required
May Term

1.5 credit (Note: Transfer students are exempt from
May Term credits before transferring)

Total Credits Required 26