Exciting Changes for Holy Family


The momentum at Holy Family Catholic High School has never been at such a heightened level since I stepped foot on campus almost five years ago.  Enrollment and fundraising numbers are both hitting and surpassing annual goals.

The spirit and energy of our students in the extracurricular arena are unparalleled and a sight to be seen. Our entire Holy Family community has been lifted by a new bond grounded in unity and pride forged by the successful navigation of a school year no one could have imagined.

With the scoreboard showing every indication of a win, the question I have been getting for the past few months is, “What’s next, Mike?” Well, the truth is, there’s quite a bit. What I can tell you is we are not going to rest on our laurels or become complacent. The status quo is not an option.

At Holy Family, we believe that every minute matters and time not spent planning for our future and designing pathways to support our students’ very best high school experience is time wasted.

And while there are several irons in the fire heating up to achieve this end, there is one that I am particularly excited to share with our Holy Family community.

It is truly a privilege and an honor to announce that we are moving forward with a new capital campaign engineered to realize two distinct yet highly interconnected dreams for our school:

1. a significant upgrade and enhancement to our competitive athletic field and surrounding amenities, and

2. the restructuring of our debt to allow for increased investments in our educational programming, personnel, facilities, and, above all, the overall student experience.

That’s right, Holy Family, the time is ripe and we could not be more excited to begin the fundraising efforts that will yield our very own field of dreams and a new financial paradigm that will effectively reduce our annual debt servicing obligations by half!

Overview of the complex

This bold plan, coupled with the generosity of benefactors, will fulfill the dreams of so many students, parents, alumni, donors, and friends who desire an activities complex that serves multiple sports programs, clubs, physical education classes, community gathering events, and outreach to our Catholic elementary partner schools.  It will also provide the resources to successfully restructure our debt – a necessary burden acquired in 1999 to purchase these 72 acres of property and construct our existing facility and the school we all love.

When does this all happen?  It is happening now.

For the last two years, behind-the-scenes efforts of school leadership have involved both envisioning this end goal as well as designing the mechanics to achieve it. In the end, the cost of the entire project will be 6.5 million dollars.

Two million dollars will be specifically directed towards reducing principal, dollar for dollar, and serving as a down payment in the restructuring of our debt in September 2022 when our bond becomes callable. 4.5 million dollars will be used to apply synthetic turf to our competition field, install permanent bleachers for both home and away spectators, add restroom facilities, construct a community gathering plaza on “the hill,” build a welcoming gated entrance into the complex, rework the concessions area, resurface the existing track, and add new lighting, fencing, and much-needed storage.

We will continue to aggressively raise dollars for the project until we have commitments for the entire amount.  Our development team’s goal is to identify all project dollars by October 2022 and complete the activities complex by August of 2023.

Of course, breaking ground will directly depend on the success of these fundraising efforts.  We are confident and prayerful that our community will continue to support the mission and vision at Holy Family and help us complete our largest building initiative since Holy Family opened its doors in the year 2000.

I’ll keep you updated on the status of the capital campaign with emails and article in future issues of Passages. If you’d like to find out how you can be a part of this campaign today, please contact our Chief Development Officer Jack Kelly at kellyj@hfchs.org.


The complex will also include improved fan seating, restroom facilities, and concessions along with a community plaza.

Holy Family Swimmers Head to State

Mound Westonka – Holy Family Girls Swim and Dive

Section 3A Championships

November 11 and 13, 2021

By: K. Thomes

For high school swim and dive teams, the path to the MSHSL State Tournament begins and ends at the Section Championship meet. This two-day event includes preliminary races on day 1, with the top 16 finishers in each event invited to return for finals races on day 2. Earning a state-qualifying time in a finals event race is the sole opportunity to qualify for the state meet.

The Mound Westonka – Holy Family (MWHF) Girls Swim and Dive team was one of 11 teams competing in the Section 3A Championships in Willmar on November 11 and 13. Coach Ben Hanson’s team finished 5th overall and will send 7 swimmers to the MSHSL State Meet at the University of Minnesota November 19-20.

Holy Family Swimmers Ellen and Abigail Reis are headed to the state tournment.

Hanson pulled together a trio of MSHSL State Tournament qualifying relay teams. The 200 Medley Relay team of Kristin Collins (JR), Kate Johnson (JR), Annie Springer (SR, Captain), and Jaylyn Storm (JR) had a 3rd place finish (1:50:24). The 200 Freestyle Relay also finished 3rd (1.40.77), advancing Johnston, Annemarie Johnson (FR), Ellen Ries (SR, Captain), and Storm to the State Tournament. E. Ries, Johnson, Abigail Ries (SO), and Springer earned their ticket to State with a 5th place finish (3.42.47) in the 400 Freestyle Relay.

Five MWHF swimmers advanced to the State Tournament in individual events; Storm (JR) in the 50 Freestyle (24.47, 2nd place) and the 100 Freestyle (54.26, 5th place), E. Ries in the 500 Freestyle (5.24.44, 4th place); Johnston in the 100 Breaststroke (1.06.51, 2nd place), Johnson in the 100 Breaststroke (1.08.36, 3rd place) and Springer in the 100 Butterfly (59.87, 4th place).

Other individual competitors in the Section 3A event finals included E. Ries in the 200 Freestyle earning a 5th place finish (1.58.82) just 0:00:82 over the state qualifying time. Also, in the 200 Freestyle, Johnson finished 9th (2.02.93), Courtney French (JR) was 10th, and Collins finished 12th (2.09.59). Springer finished 10th in the 200 Individual Medley (2.18.76) with A. Ries 13th (2.24.68). Johnston finished 14th in the 50 Freestyle (25.91), and French placed 13th in the 500 Freestyle (5.44.97). Collins placed 13th in the 100 Backstroke (1.05.08), with Hanna Hall (SR, Captain) finishing the 100 Breaststroke in 12th. Kathryn Collins (SR, Captain) took 15th in the 100 Butterfly (1.03.86).

Sophomore Catherine Dueck withdrew from the competition after the preliminary races due to illness. Dueck’s preliminary races earned her a 3rd place seed in the 200 Individual Medley (2.14.57) and 4th in the 100 Freestyle (54.51). Dueck’s 200 Individual Medley time in the preliminary race met the state qualifying time, though only races swam in Finals allow advancement to the State Meet.

Diver Bailey Monette (7th grade) earned 302.00 points for the 20 dives completed over the two days. Monette placed 5th, just 0.95 points behind the 4th place finisher. The top 4 divers advance to the State Meet.

Here are the results for Holy Family athletes competing in the section championship.

Ellen Ries
500 Freestyle – State Qualifier
200 Freestyle Relay – State Qualifier
400 Freestyle Relay – State Qualifier
200 Freestyle  – 5th place

Abigail Ries
400 Freestyle Relay – State Qualifier
200 Individual Medley – 13th place
100 Breaststroke – 22nd place

Courtney French
200 Freestyle – 10th place
500 Freestyle – 13th place

Cathryn Dueck – withdrew prior to finals due to illness, likely State Qualifier in all events
200 Individual Medley – 3rd place after prelims
100 Freestyle – 4th place after prelims
200 Freestyle Relay– 4th place after prelims
400 Freestyle Relay – would have been on State Qualifying Team

The next meet is MSHSL State Tournament, University of Minnesota Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center: November 18-20

2021-22 First Quarter Honor Roll

Holy Family Catholic High School is proud to announce its  2021-22 First Quarter Academic Honor Roll.  Almost 80% of our student body earned merit on the honor roll by achieving the following grade point averages: 3.800 – 4.330- President’s List; 3.443 – 3.799– Principal’s List; and 3.000 – 3.442 for Honor Roll.

President’s List: 3.800 – 4.330

2023 Maider Agirre San Martin President’s List
2024 Robert Alexander President’s List
2022 Julia Anderson President’s List
2022 Katherine Anseth President’s List
2024 Emma Augustyn President’s List
2022 Jack Barth President’s List
2022 Brooke Batker President’s List
2023 Jack Bauer President’s List
2024 Leah Beach President’s List
2025 Zachry Beach President’s List
2022 Alexander Beer President’s List
2025 Natalia Bellefy President’s List
2023 Anton Bernaski President’s List
2023 Sophia Boockmeier President’s List
2023 Elijah Bresnan President’s List
2024 Kate Buchholz President’s List
2024 Jacob Burlage President’s List
2022 Isabel Busch President’s List
2023 Eleanor Bush President’s List
2022 Jacob Cameron President’s List
2025 Lucy Carraux President’s List
2022 Nicholas Charpentier President’s List
2022 Alex Cherry President’s List
2023 Sarah Chromy President’s List
2022 Austin Clifford President’s List
2025 Jacob Clifford President’s List
2022 Ryley Covington President’s List
2025 Casey Cronin President’s List
2025 Brianna DeLorenzo President’s List
2025 Allison Diminnie President’s List
2022 Edward Diminnie President’s List
2024 Margaret Dowling President’s List
2024 Jack Egenes President’s List
2022 Dylan Ehlers President’s List
2023 Josephine Elsner President’s List
2023 Rebecca Ernst President’s List
2025 Audrey Fahey President’s List
2024 Daniel Fahey President’s List
2024 Mason Fasching President’s List
2022 Isaac Fassil President’s List
2024 Jocelyn Fette President’s List
2022 Charles Ficek President’s List
2025 Elias Foudray President’s List
2023 Kaellan Foudray President’s List
2023 Courtney French President’s List
2024 Vivian French President’s List
2023 Michael Frost President’s List
2023 Karli Gagnon President’s List
2023 Benjamin Gallus President’s List
2025 Charles Garlets President’s List
2023 Michael Garlets President’s List
2022 Luke Geadelmann President’s List
2025 Maren Grussing President’s List
2025 Hayden Guggemos President’s List
2025 Grace Guyer President’s List
2023 Olivia Guyer President’s List
2023 Sophia Hall President’s List
2025 Nathan Hamilton President’s List
2022 Sophia Heles President’s List
2025 Hannah Henderson President’s List
2024 Kambryn Hendrickson President’s List
2024 Mick Herron President’s List
2024 Patrick Herron President’s List
2022 Lucy Hertel President’s List
2023 Sydney Hickey President’s List
2023 Abbey Hope President’s List
2024 Ava Hopper President’s List
2025 David Hovey President’s List
2024 Angelina Huynh President’s List
2025 Sophia Jesse President’s List
2023 Dayrin Jimenez President’s List
2025 Paige Johander President’s List
2024 Phoebe Johnson President’s List
2025 Luke Kans President’s List
2024 Gabrielle Kapke President’s List
2022 Maeve Kelly President’s List
2024 Alexander Ketchem President’s List
2025 Adam Kimbrel President’s List
2024 Matthew King President’s List
2024 Andrew Klawitter President’s List
2022 Riley Knapp President’s List
2023 Ella Knewtson President’s List
2023 Taylor Koeppl President’s List
2025 Brady Krautkramer President’s List
2025 Alexa Krienke President’s List
2023 Alison Kunkel President’s List
2022 Ella Kunze President’s List
2022 Natalie Larson President’s List
2023 Kori Lenzmeier President’s List
2025 Meredith Linsley President’s List
2025 Henry Lisko President’s List
2023 Jack Lisko President’s List
2023 Mary Lizak President’s List
2024 Samuel Luessi President’s List
2022 Sophia Mackey President’s List
2024 Tamara Mackey President’s List
2025 Christina Maher President’s List
2023 Joseph Maher President’s List
2023 Sean McGaughey President’s List
2024 Sydney McGuirk President’s List
2025 Ryan McPartland President’s List
2025 Keira Mertz President’s List
2022 Shae Messner President’s List
2023 Ava Mettler President’s List
2025 Jillian Mlodozyniec President’s List
2024 Elijah Moe President’s List
2023 Emma Murphy President’s List
2025 Braedan Nelson President’s List
2024 Sofia Neve President’s List
2024 Griffin Newman President’s List
2024 Hannah Newman President’s List
2024 Malick Ngwana President’s List
2025 Lucia Numelin President’s List
2025 Olivia O’Brien President’s List
2024 Gabriela Oconitrillo President’s List
2022 Molly O’Connor President’s List
2024 Keenan Olsen President’s List
2023 Anika Olson President’s List
2025 Philip Olson President’s List
2024 Nick Osgood President’s List
2022 Sydney Osterdyk President’s List
2023 Isabella Paidosh President’s List
2023 Kieran Paidosh President’s List
2024 Kristian Palattao President’s List
2022 Derek Pass President’s List
2025 Jessica Pass President’s List
2022 Hailey Pavelka President’s List
2022 Makenzie Pavelka President’s List
2022 My-Linh Pavelka President’s List
2025 Abigail Road Pawelek President’s List
2023 Leo Penny President’s List
2024 Chloe Perrin-Smith President’s List
2022 Pearl Phillips President’s List
2024 Elijah Pitner President’s List
2025 Ariana Radel President’s List
2022 Mark Rahn President’s List
2025 Alexandra Raw President’s List
2024 Thomas Red Wing President’s List
2022 Paula Rica Andres President’s List
2025 Addison Rice President’s List
2025 Michael Richardson President’s List
2023 Michael Richelsen President’s List
2023 Jodie Rief President’s List
2024 Abigail Ries President’s List
2022 Ellen Ries President’s List
2024 Julia Riley President’s List
2024 Drew Roelofs President’s List
2025 Kathryn Rothstein President’s List
2023 Shannon Rothstein President’s List
2023 Nadia Rustowicz President’s List
2023 Luke Sabart President’s List
2022 Olivia Sadowski President’s List
2025 William Sandefur President’s List
2025 Margaret Santini President’s List
2022 Matthew Santini President’s List
2024 Caroline Schaefer President’s List
2024 Sophia Schlegel President’s List
2024 Kiera Schmeling President’s List
2025 Tayah Schmidt President’s List
2022 Lucas Schoenecker President’s List
2022 Alex Schrupp President’s List
2022 Emma Schuele President’s List
2024 Zoe Schuele President’s List
2025 Samantha Schumacher President’s List
2025 Ava Shirley President’s List
2024 Caitlin Sieve President’s List
2023 Kellen Sieve President’s List
2024 Charles Smith President’s List
2025 Macey Smith President’s List
2024 Dylan Spalding President’s List
2025 Rachel Spoden President’s List
2023 Nicholas Stallock President’s List
2023 Janielle Stanoch President’s List
2023 Melanie Stewart-Hester President’s List
2023 Benjamin Strezo President’s List
2024 James Super President’s List
2025 Sophia Terris President’s List
2022 Laura Theis President’s List
2024 Trevor Thode President’s List
2022 Tyler Thode President’s List
2022 Emmett Thuli President’s List
2022 Rachel Thurk President’s List
2022 Ryan Thurk President’s List
2022 Elise Torborg President’s List
2024 Ella Tracy President’s List
2025 Henry Trcka President’s List
2024 Samuel Treat President’s List
2025 Greta Tupa Clark President’s List
2023 Justina Valentini President’s List
2023 Isabel Van Eyll President’s List
2025 Matilyn Vollmer President’s List
2025 Lillian Wallace President’s List
2022 Cela Watkins President’s List
2024 Lauren Weigel President’s List
2025 Lauren Westerhaus President’s List
2024 Rubie Wicka President’s List
2022 Matthew Wideman President’s List
2025 Bryce Wiitala President’s List
2023 Madeleine Wiitala President’s List
2025 Jack Willenbring President’s List
2024 Ethan Williams President’s List
2023 Lorelei Wilson President’s List
2023 Elizabeth Witcombe President’s List
2025 Luciana Witcombe President’s List
2025 Kalah Worm President’s List
2025 Evan Woytcke President’s List
2025 Desray Anne Zamora President’s List
2024 Sophia Zay President’s List


Principal’s List: 3.443 – 3.799 GPA

2024 Matilda Abercrombie Principal’s List
2023 Thomas Agerland Principal’s List
2022 Sydney Ames Principal’s List
2024 Andrew Athmann Principal’s List
2024 Ella Augustyn Principal’s List
2024 Maggie Babler Principal’s List
2024 Kamea Bale Principal’s List
2025 Benjamin Barth Principal’s List
2025 Greta Bills Principal’s List
2022 Nicole Bowlin Principal’s List
2025 Nicolas Briden Principal’s List
2022 Hanna Bush Principal’s List
2022 Briar Charchenko Principal’s List
2024 Erik Charchenko Principal’s List
2024 Joseph Charpentier Principal’s List
2022 Matthew Chromy Principal’s List
2024 Lydia Dauwalter Principal’s List
2025 Cameron Dean Principal’s List
2023 Christopher Deavan Principal’s List
2025 Dominic Donato Principal’s List
2024 Catherine Dueck Principal’s List
2025 William Dunlap Principal’s List
2024 Beatriz Fahandezh Saddi Cantero Principal’s List
2025 Caden Farmer Principal’s List
2025 Emily Fenger Principal’s List
2024 Emma Ferguson Principal’s List
2024 Miguel Gaeta Principal’s List
2024 Sophia Gall Principal’s List
2024 Ellanore Galvin Principal’s List
2023 Andre Garcia Principal’s List
2022 Mario Gomez Principal’s List
2025 James Guillemette Principal’s List
2022 Claire Haley Principal’s List
2024 Bree Hallson Principal’s List
2024 Drew Hallson Principal’s List
2022 Grant Hayes Principal’s List
2023 Madelyn Helmstetter Principal’s List
2024 Leo Hertel Principal’s List
2025 Marcella Hoffman Principal’s List
2022 Bjorn Holm Principal’s List
2023 Cooper Huson Principal’s List
2023 Johnathan Hussey Principal’s List
2025 Emma James Principal’s List
2023 Quinn Johander Principal’s List
2023 Anna Johnson Principal’s List
2023 Rose Johnston Principal’s List
2023 Nicholas Jorissen Principal’s List
2023 Boden Kapke Principal’s List
2024 Sydney Keen Principal’s List
2025 Jackson Klamm Principal’s List
2025 Judith Kohrman Principal’s List
2025 Paige Kroll Principal’s List
2024 Lillian Kunkel Principal’s List
2024 Jocelyn Land Principal’s List
2024 Edward Linn Principal’s List
2022 Ethan Livermore Principal’s List
2023 Ana Lopez Polls Principal’s List
2022 Zachery Lorusso Principal’s List
2023 Jackson Lund Principal’s List
2023 William Maass Principal’s List
2025 Meghan Mahoney Principal’s List
2022 Sophia Markstrom Principal’s List
2024 Anthony Marschall Principal’s List
2022 Brynn Martin Principal’s List
2023 Benjamin Mechtel Principal’s List
2025 Harold Mellen Principal’s List
2023 Lauren Mendoza Principal’s List
2025 Elin Miller Principal’s List
2022 Madeline Morgan Principal’s List
2022 MacKenzie Moss Principal’s List
2022 Thomas Mulheran Principal’s List
2025 Griffin Murray Principal’s List
2025 Noah Pabich Principal’s List
2023 Olivia Paidosh Principal’s List
2025 Holden Pajor Principal’s List
2023 Logan Paulsen Principal’s List
2022 Drew Pearson Principal’s List
2024 Jameson Quinn Principal’s List
2024 Grace Redlon Principal’s List
2022 Jackson Riley Principal’s List
2024 Paloma Rios Raya Principal’s List
2024 Simone Roman Vega Principal’s List
2023 Nicole Roper Principal’s List
2023 Bennett Russo Principal’s List
2022 Kathryn Savoie Principal’s List
2022 Jack Schaefer Principal’s List
2024 Lily Schaffer Principal’s List
2022 Joseph Schmidt Principal’s List
2025 Tyler Schmit Principal’s List
2023 Keyan Schugel Principal’s List
2022 Allison Schumacher Principal’s List
2024 Amanda Seck Principal’s List
2025 Rosalyn Smyth Principal’s List
2025 Brady Sorrentino Principal’s List
2022 Joseph Tinucci Principal’s List
2025 Lauren Toth Principal’s List
2024 Ally Wamhoff Principal’s List
2024 William Warren Principal’s List
2025 Preslee Welu Principal’s List
2024 Thomas Westerhaus Principal’s List
2023 Parker Will Principal’s List
2024 Ava Wilson Principal’s List
2024 Gavin Wilson Principal’s List
2022 Kayla Woytcke Principal’s List
2022 Mariana Yanta Principal’s List
2024 Nicholas Young Principal’s List
2024 Benedict Zweber Principal’s List

Honor Roll List: 3.000 – 3.442 GPA

2025 Christian Baker Honor Roll
2024 Jackson Baker Honor Roll
2025 Julia Baskfield Honor Roll
2024 Rylan Bennett Honor Roll
2024 Ella Blackowiak Honor Roll
2022 Nicholas Blood Honor Roll
2023 Brennen Bollig Honor Roll
2025 Gavin Burke Honor Roll
2023 Thomas Carraux Honor Roll
2022 Reagan Cizek Honor Roll
2022 Ethan Conti Honor Roll
2023 Evan Cook Honor Roll
2022 Alma Corona Honor Roll
2023 Patrick Cowan Honor Roll
2022 Caroline Cronin Honor Roll
2023 Braylon Cummings Honor Roll
2022 Joseph Dahlin Honor Roll
2024 Yewbdar Fassil Honor Roll
2024 Will Fiedler Honor Roll
2024 Evan Finley Grice Honor Roll
2024 Cullen Flannery Honor Roll
2023 Evan Flynn Honor Roll
2025 Lucy Foley Honor Roll
2023 Meg Folkens Honor Roll
2024 Morgan Franck Honor Roll
2024 Hunter Friedrich Honor Roll
2024 Gavin Frye Honor Roll
2022 Mary Furlong Honor Roll
2025 Holly Gerken Honor Roll
2022 Nicholas Gess Honor Roll
2025 Sawyer Graubins Honor Roll
2023 Zoe Griffin Honor Roll
2025 Mason Grinnell Honor Roll
2025 John Guillemette Honor Roll
2025 Torrance Halloran Honor Roll
2024 Genevieve Hartmann Honor Roll
2025 Alexander Hesse Honor Roll
2024 Isabella Hocevar Honor Roll
2024 Davis Hoffmann Honor Roll
2025 Abigail Horkey Honor Roll
2022 Madison Kaiser Honor Roll
2022 Elizabeth Kamp Honor Roll
2023 Jake Kooiman Honor Roll
2024 William Krienke Honor Roll
2024 Elizabeth Kroening Honor Roll
2023 Grayson Limke Honor Roll
2024 Hailey Lofgren Honor Roll
2024 Isaac Lund Honor Roll
2024 Tyler Manning Honor Roll
2023 Grace Martin Honor Roll
2022 Graham McPhee Honor Roll
2022 Abraham Melek Honor Roll
2022 Evelyn Miller Honor Roll
2025 Carson Moe Honor Roll
2025 George Moran Honor Roll
2022 Ruby Moya Velazquez Honor Roll
2024 Berkley Neubauer Honor Roll
2022 Luke O’Brien Honor Roll
2023 Eric Oconitrillo Honor Roll
2024 Gavin O’Donnell Honor Roll
2023 Finnian Olsen Honor Roll
2024 Adia Patterson Honor Roll
2024 Brody Paul Honor Roll
2025 Quinn Paulsen Honor Roll
2024 Isabelle Paulson Honor Roll
2023 Brycen Pottebaum Honor Roll
2023 Bennett Reinhard Honor Roll
2025 Apryl Reynolds Honor Roll
2022 Lucas Rice Honor Roll
2023 Emelia Richardson Honor Roll
2023 William Rogers Honor Roll
2024 Emily Schrupp Honor Roll
2025 Maielle Schugel Honor Roll
2025 Kiera Setzepfandt Honor Roll
2024 Dominic Skaro Honor Roll
2025 Jackson Smith Honor Roll
2024 Joseph Smith Honor Roll
2023 Sophia Smith Honor Roll
2024 Ayden Soltis Honor Roll
2024 Aaron Sorkin Honor Roll
2022 Cole Spoden Honor Roll
2023 Jack Stratman Honor Roll
2025 Ellie Sturgess Honor Roll
2025 Danika Terrell Honor Roll
2024 Skyler Theis Honor Roll
2024 Jack Theriault Honor Roll
2024 John Titler Honor Roll
2022 Josue Vivanco Honor Roll
2022 Marcus Wieneke Honor Roll
2025 Georgia Wilson Honor Roll
2025 Ian Woitalla-Laughlin Honor Roll
2024 Mia Worrell Honor Roll
2023 Chloe Wright Honor Roll
2022 Yichen Zhou Honor Roll

Girls Soccer Heads to State Semifinal

Girls Soccer Tops Fairmont to Move to the MSHSL State Semifinal Game

A formidable wall of defense supported by stingy goalkeeping and an aggressive offensive play lifted Holy Family over a strong Fairmont team, 4-1. Miss Soccer finalist Maeve Kelly netted a hat trick, leading Holy Family Catholic girls soccer to U.S. Bank Stadium in its first state victory. Goalkeeper Olivia Paidosh and the Fire defensive wall allowed only one goal.

You must purchase tickets to the game in advance at: https://www.mshsl.org/tickets.
Spectator guidelines for U.S. Bank Stadium can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PgtPbC8PGF-tSn0sg7xd7esjUfN-Sqb2yfBW7otQeKs/edit?usp=sharing