Excitement builds for one-act production, “You’re Driving Me Crazy”

On Thursday, January 26, at 7 pm, Holy Family’s one-act play, “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” will be presented in the Holy Family Performance Center. The one-act play performance is the culmination of months of rehearsals and preparations. This one-act play is the first play presented to an audience in the new performance space and boasts one of the largest casts and crews in recent Holy Family history.

“You’re Driving Me Crazy” is a comedy about teenagers who are learning how to drive. It has four scenes, each with its unique storyline and point of view. Some scenes are from the perspective of the teens, parents, and even the driving instructor.

When asked, Ms. Olson, director and head of Holy Family’s theater program, explained her decision to select this play: “I chose the show because I thought both students and adults would relate to it. It moves quickly, which is essential for mini-shows, and it is funny. I think everyone who comes to see it will leave laughing!”

The students who auditioned for the play are embracing the amount of dedication that has to go into the performance and are now beginning to feel the pressure as the date draws nearer.

“I auditioned for the play because it was something different from what I’m used to doing. I’m forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone.” says junior Ronnie Deckard ’18, “I’m very nervous because I play the Grandma. I only have nine lines, most of them are “what,” and I’m probably still going to mess up.”

While several students decided to audition for an acting part in the play, many showed interest in building and painting sets and running sound and lighting as well. Junior Nora Erdman ’18 volunteered to help with painting and gave an idea regarding what it will look like: “Since it is a one-act play, we aren’t planning on creating a huge set; it’s mostly a few boxes that we have to paint. We are also planning on making a makeshift car that the actors will sit in during each scene.”

This play will also be performed as a Holy Family’s submission to the Minnesota State High School League One-Act Competition, too. Ms. Olson was able to elaborate on what the competition entails: “The MSHSL One-Act Competition is an event held in the winter every year. All shows are meticulously timed and must be under thirty-five minutes. If your performance goes even one second over, it is disqualified! There can only be twenty students involved in the traveling production, including both actors and tech crew. Your set must be able to be transported to different locations and must deconstruct to fit within a 10’x10’x10’ cubic space. You have ten minutes to construct your set on the host school’s stage before performing, including any technical elements such as lighting and sound. Schools then perform their show for judges and receive feedback and an overall score.”

Nora Erdman also had this to add: “I think that the theater program is becoming a lot more recognized and will continue to grow. With all of the new equipment and resources, there are multiple opportunities for people, which is great! I think more people will get involved because of all the possible roles, and the fact that it is fun to do.”

Preparations will continue over the coming weeks. The public is invited to attend the January 26 performance. Students in grades 5-8 are invited to join the cast and crew for a post-performance reception and closer look at this play’s set and production. RSVP.

Following the MSHSL competition, the theater department will start preparations for the HF’s spring musical production.

Excerpt of orginal HF Phoenix article by Mallory Lindahl ’17

Our Advent Journey: Walk the Talk

Campus Ministry students continue to lead us through our Advent focus, Walk the Talk, during this final week before Christmas.  Along with daily Convocation reflections and prayers, they also prepared and led last week’s Advent Reconciliation service for our school.  Campus Ministry student, Caitlyn Shipp ’17, shared the following reflection this year’s Advent theme.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust, French novelist

The quiet whispers of the wind spoke through the air of a king. Three wise men swayed side to side on their camels as they traveled across the uneven terrain of the desert. Mystery hung in the night sky like a blanket. The men walked in a starlit path leading them to the true light, the king that shined in the darkness. These three wise men had to prepare, for it was no ordinary journey. These men traveled with clothes of prayers and hope, shoes of charity and justice, a map in the form of a shining star to lead them through the darkness, food to sustain them, and each other to walk side by side. These men embarked on the first Advent journey to discover God made human in the birth of a King.

Advent is a journey of discovering God’s presence in the world. For the three wise men, theirs was a physical journey; Christ came to Earth as a humble human being. For many, it is hard to see God’s presence in the world. Christ was crucified and rose from the dead to fulfill His promise of eternal life in heaven. Despite His death and resurrection, God’s presence is still incarnate in the world today. God’s incarnation is us. The spirit of God that dwells within each of us becomes God’s living presence in the world. Advent  is a journey of discovering his presence. In order to discover this, we must learn to use our eyes to see those around us who are hurting, lonely, hungry, and cold. We must “Walk the Talk” and be God’s living presence to others with acts of service and kindness during the Advent and Christmas seasons, but, also each day throughout the year.


Students and Staff Sponsor Families for Christmas

As Christmas approaches, students and teachers of Holy Family reach out to those families in need around our community. For the past eleven years, Holy Family contributed to the program called Sponsor A Family MN. This program provides Christmas gifts and other goods for families in need of financial help.

Every classroom receives a family to sponsor and a list with the specific gifts that each family needs. This usually ranges anywhere from toys and winter coats to toothbrushes and shampoo.
This year, Holy Family sponsored twelve families between seventeen classrooms. This comes to a total of seventy six people sponsored. Everyone in each classroom donated money to the family they were sponsoring and a few students volunteered to purchase the items on their family’s list.

One of the directors of Sponsor A Family MN, Patrick Fitzpatrick, said, “Holy Family and Sponsor A Family MN have been partners for a long time. In early September, when we reach out to Mr. Dols and ask if we can count on the school’s support once again, we always get an enthusiastic ‘YES!’” This quote exemplifies the dedication Holy Family has to the program.

Fitzpatrick also showed his appreciation by saying, “What this means is that, not only is each class sponsoring a family but more important, Holy Family Catholic High School understands and embraces the idea that not all families get a fair shake in this world and through the kind, caring and compassionate generosity of your community, you can bring a smile, provide a gift or put a meal on the table for a very, very appreciative and grateful family.”

The gifts were blessed at Convocation before being delivered to Sponsor A Family MN for distribution.

Marissa Endres ’17
December 7, 2016

This article originally appeared in the school newspaper The Phoenix. To read more articles from the school newspaper, click here.