Holy Family is possible.

Since opening our doors in 2000, Holy Family Catholic High School has been a regional leader in providing academic excellence in a safe, welcoming, and faith-filled environment. Holy Family graduates continue on as leaders and servants in communities throughout the world. However, the gift of a Catholic education does not come without a financial investment. At times, the cost of tuition can seem overwhelming.

At Holy Family, we are committed to making a Catholic high school education accessible to as many students and families as possible. In fact, no student at Holy Family Catholic High School pays 100% of the cost to educate. Due to the generosity of many donors, alumni, and our Catholic community, each student’s tuition is already reduced from the full cost to educate.

Because of our continued commitment to financially accessible education, Holy Family offers Variable Tuition rates. Variable Tuition is just that, variable. Tuition at Holy Family is not one size fits all. Rather, tuition is matched to your family’s unique financial position. Families simply apply for variable tuition through a confidential third-party online service. Based on their recommendation and a review by our tuition committee, a variable tuition rate is determined. It’s that easy.

Think you can’t afford a Holy Family Catholic High school education? Think again. Through Variable Tuition, academic excellence in a Christ-centered and family-focused environment has never been more accessible.

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Considering each families unique situation.

No family at our school pays the full $19,750 per student cost-to-educate. Each student’s tuition is underwritten through the generosity of those who support our fundraising efforts.

Variable Tuition is a tuition rate that is determined based on the unique financial circumstances of each family. Used by many private schools, colleges, and universities, this program allows families to apply for a tuition rate adjusted for their personal financial situation. If the full cost of tuition seems out of reach, we recommend families submit an application for a custom tuition rate.

Of the 40% of our families who take part in the Variable Tuition program, their custom tuition commitments fall within the following ranges. Applications for variable tuition for the 2022-23 School Year open on December 5, 2022.


Percentage of Families

Tuition Range


$7,999 or less