Uniforms and Spirit Wear

Holy Family uniforms reflect an environment of student equality and academic focus. School-approved apparel must be worn at all times during school hours. In addition, the following spirit wear, worn with uniform pants/skirts, are allowed on Spirit Days: athletic, activity, school store or Fire Station purchased spirit wear.

Uniforms are sold through Lands’ End and Donald’s Apparel & Uniform stores year-round as well as through the online Fire Station, Holy Family’s on-line store provided by BiG. Donald’s will be opening a temporary satellite location in the Shady Oak Center, located in Eden Prairie this summer. Click here for more information on their satellite location.


The Fire Station  


For correct sizing, BiG uniform samples are available at Holy Family in the School Store. The school store samples are not for sale, but can be purchased on-line at The Fire Station. In early August, Business Impact Group (BiG) representatives will be at Holy Family with their uniform line for fitting and sizing purposes.

  • All Fire Station on-line orders placed before noon are shipped out the same day.
  • To save on shipping, orders can be picked up at the front desk of BiG headquarters, located on the northwest corner of Galpin and Lyman Blvd in Chanhassen.
  • BiG also sells a wide array of spirit wear!  Spirit wear can be worn to school on Fridays unless there is Mass. Check it out today!