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Holy Family is very mindful of the use of technology in its programs. We believe in using appropriate tools for any given task; that no single tool, device, or technology fits that goal; and that with technology, comes the need for sound responsible usage in a secure setting. Therefore, our school has two major programs to supplement our use of technology; one being a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program and the other is Microsoft Office 365.

Students who wish to, are encouraged to bring their own device to school, which can instill ownership in their learning and supplement the school’s existing technology infrastructure of multiple computer labs, STEM classrooms with SMARTboards, and mobile classroom carts (currently over 200 iPads).

BYOD in conjunction with MS Office 365 (which includes their own school email account) allows students to better follow course instructions in real time, access their homework, supplement research, participate in various class interactions, and learn basic technology processes that they will use now and after high school, all without the restraints of owning programs or working on specific hardware platforms.


  • Office 365

    Holy Family uses Cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 (MS 365), a powerful set of Office applications and features that allow users to; create papers, sophisticated reports, and presentations; collaborate in real time (managed by staff); and perform all this anytime, anywhere regardless of platform or hardware.

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  • BYOD

    With the freedom of BYOD, there comes more responsibility. Students are expected to follow all guidelines, written, expressed and or otherwise noted regarding the use of any electronic device including but not limited to mobile phones (smart or otherwise), tablets, computers, and any digital image/audio recorders/players. These specific guidelines are included in the Student Responsible Use Policy (RUP) within the Student Handbook and posted throughout the school. Click the button below for more information about selecting the best device for your student.

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  • FAQs

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding Computers, BYOD, and Office 365 at Holy Family.

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