Supply List

The majority of classes do not require special supplies; therefore, we do not provide supply lists.  Students may usually choose the tools best for them. We recommend students arrive prepared for the first day of school with their laptop/tablet and pens/pencils.

There are a few items are worth noting.

  • Each ninth-grade student will receive a student planner.
  • Students are required to provide a laptop/tablet device that meets the needs of their courses and assignments. Details on our Bring Your Own Device recommendations can be found here: http://www.hfchs.org/technology/.
  • For mathematics, all students except AP Calculus students are required to have a TI-84 graphing calculator (regular or CE).  AP Calculus students are allowed to have a TI-89 instead though not really recommended.
  • Art students will be provided necessary drawing, painting, and sculpting tools.
  • Do ninth-grade students need a planner?

  • How do I purchase the required vocabulary book?

  • What kind of calculator is required for Holy Family math classes?

  • What kind of supplies are needed for art classes?

  • What kind of safety equipment is required for Chemistry classes?

  • What kind of lock do I need for my locker?