"Holy Family definitely prepared me for college. The most important support issues at HFCHS included teacher interaction beyond our classroom time, the opportunity to take advantage of AP courses, and having learned how to write papers properly. I am a sophomore in the Daniel's Business College at the University of Denver. DU as it is more commonly known is a private university (12,000 students) specializing in business and is the home to the nationally known Denver Pioneers hockey team. I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Legal Studies/Ethics and Studio Art. I am currently interning at a private jet company learning business analytics and marketing. I will be studying in Newcastle Australia for the first half of my Junior year. Thank you to HFCHS!" - HF alumna

Our History


The Holy Family initiative began with a small group of Catholic laity in Excelsior in August, 1995. Four friends - Tom Steward, Theo Chalgren, Rob Roy, and Joe Morin - received the blessing of Archbishop Harry Flynn to build the first Catholic high school in the Twin Cities in more than 30 years. By early 1998, the project became Holy Family Catholic High School, one of the few laity-driven Catholic high schools developed and built anywhere in the country.

Groundbreaking occurred on May 25, 1999 with Archbishops Flynn and Roach, the school's Board of Directors, President Paul Stauffacher, community dignitaries, and a host of friends and supporters in attendance. Construction of the campus and facility began in July of 1999. The school opened on September 5, 2000, accommodating both freshman and sophomore students. Holy Family Catholic High School was formally dedicated on October 25, 2000, and in the spring of 2003, graduated its first senior class.

A Lasallian affiliation with the Midwest District of the Christian Brothers was formally established on October 19, 2005. The school was the first in the Christian Brothers' 300-year history to seek a formal affiliation without prior contact with a Lasallian ministry.


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