Fishing Team


Holy Family Fishing Team started as a student movement in 2018. The team is primarily located in Victoria, MN and is open to 8th-12th graders. Fishing allows team members to get outdoors and go fishing with friends, while learning about a few of Minnesota’s local lakes and rivers.

To get involved, students need their own equipment, a partner, and one boat and volunteer captain per team (two anglers). To help offset costs, the team secures sponsors and receives discounts on fishing equipment.

There are 3- 4 summer tournaments, seminars, and fundraisers that are fun for every person that joins; whether a student, coach or boat captain! Fire Fishing Team is proud to give back to the community and sponsors by volunteering in local events.

If interested in becoming a member, sponsor, or Boat Captain- Contact:

Picture of HF's first fishing team
Holy Family’s Fishing Team competed in its first season in the summer of 2018.