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Fire 25 Spring Letter

A Holy Family Catholic High School student will be awarded a diploma when the following credits totals are earned:

Class of 2022 – 25.5 credits (One May Term)

Class of 2023 – 26 credits (Two May Terms)

Class of 2024 and beyond – 26.5 credits (Three May Terms)

Theology: 4 credits
Scripture, Christian Ethics & Morality, Sacraments, Ecclesiology, Social Justice required.

English: 4 credits
World Literature, American Literature, Writing I, II, III required.

Speech: .5 credit required.

Mathematics: 4 credits
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II required.
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Math Placement FAQs
Math League Team

Science: 3 credits
Biology and Chemistry required

Social Studies: 3 credits
World History & Geography, United States History, and Government required for Classes 2022 and 2023; Class 2024 and beyond: Three and One-half credits in Social Studies: World History & Geography, United States History, Government, and Economics required

Physical Education: 1 credit
Freshman and sophomore years required.
Health:.5 credit (does not count toward physical education requirement)

Technology Education: 1 credit
Robotics Team

Fine Arts: 1 credit
.5 credit embedded in Integrated Studies (freshman and junior years)

World Languages: at least 2 credits highly recommended