The Canvas Program

A program to help our students develop as individuals and as children of God.

What’s our WHY?

Find out more about our passion and plan for empowering students to live out our Four Pillars — FAITH, INTEGRITY, SCHOLARSHIP, & LEADERSHIP

The Canvas Program

Download the Leadership Profile Template!  Share it with your Counselor and Advisor in 365.

Canvas is a program to help our students develop as individuals and as children of God.

Throughout their four years, students will use the following guiding questions to support their growth questions: Who am I, Who am I following, what have I been given, and what is God calling me to be?

Canvas is a program that will integrate our four pillars of leadership, faith, integrity and scholarship in a very purposeful way.

9th grade students will focus on building community

10th grade students will focus on character development

11th grade students will focus on applying your personal gifts given by God

12th grade students will focus on vocation

Woven throughout each level will be lessons and activities built to help students paint their canvas.

To help paint that canvas each student will create an individual Leadership Profile (LINK) that they will work on for their 4 years at Holy Family.

Students will be placed in grade level groups, called Advisories, and stay together for four years to provide an opportunity to build relationships and gain trust with a small group of people.  Each group will have an advisor that is a faculty/staff member that will stick with the group for four years as well. The purpose of advisory will be to connect with the small group, discuss relevant topics, and check in with their advisors. The advisor becomes another adult for students to learn to trust and to connect with in the building.

We will also use the canvas schedule to allow students to meet with their counselors, listen to speakers, share in Sacraments as a student body, have Chaplain Chats with our school chaplain, Fr. Gjengdahl.

Canvas will help students choose the paints, the colors, the design of their individual painting – helping students to be extraordinary!