The Inside Scoop on Holy Family Placement Tests

Inside Scoop on Placement Tests: What to Know & Why to Go

FIRE 27 Families—mark January 7,2023, on your calendar and highlight it in yellow. This is the date for Holy Family Catholic High School Placement Tests for all incoming ninth-grade students. It is your student’s first step to securing a successful academic future at Holy Family.

Parents sometimes have questions about our Placement Tests.

  • Why do students take them?
  • How is the information used?
  • What if my student has a bad testing day?

To help answer these questions, and many more, we are sharing this list of helpful answers. It should give you a complete picture of why Holy Family Placement Testing ensures every student has academic opportunities that uniquely fit his or her needs, interests and strengths.

Q: Is there a difference between an entrance exam and a placement test?

HF: Yes. Typically entrance exam scores are used to determine acceptance into a school. Holy Family does not use entrance exams. Instead, we offer placement tests for incoming freshmen with the goal of placing students in a course level where they can experience success.

Q: Is there only one placement test?

HF: We offer three placement tests:

  • Incoming Freshman Placement Test — Broad scope of topics for all incoming freshmen.
  • Math Placement Test — Required for students interested in courses beyond Algebra I.
  • World Language Placement Test — Required for students interested in taking a foreign language beyond the first level course.

Q: What are the dates for this year’s exams?

HF: The placement tests are scheduled for these dates:

  • The High School Placement Test (STS’ High School Placement Test—HSPT®) given to all incoming ninth-grade students is January 8, 2022 beginning at 8 a.m. (please arrive by 7:50 a.m.)
  • Math Placement Test is held in early June beginning at 9 a.m (please arrive by 8:50 a.m.)
  • World Language Placement Tests are scheduled on an individual basis throughout the summer.

Q: What are the test fees?

HF: The Freshman Placement Test is $25. This fee is waived if there is already an Application for Enrollment on file. There are no fees for the Math or World Language Placement Tests.

Q: How is the STSHigh School Placement Test (HSPT®) used?

HF: The test results are utilized in two ways:

  • Provide staff with a clearer academic view of the incoming class. It allows the administration to make staff and curriculum adjustments to suit the needs of the class as a whole.
  • Help identify students who need extra academic support or can benefit from encouragement to broaden their academic horizons.

Q: What subject matters does the High School Placement Test include?

HF: The exam covers a broad scope of topics, including, but not limited to: reading comprehension, vocabulary, literary elements, punctuation, spelling, measurements, area, volume, mean and functions. More information can be found on the STS’ High School Placement Test (HSPT®) website.

Q: But wait! If the Math and World Language Placement Tests are conducted after the February 2022 class registration date, how will we know which math and language classes to register for?

HF: Students should register for the math and world language classes that they intend to take in the coming fall. Once placement test results are in, students can make adjustments to their class schedule if necessary. 

Q: Does every student have to take a Math Placement Test, and is it the only factor used in placing a student in a math class?

HF: Only incoming ninth-grade students who want to register for math classes higher than Algebra I take the Math Placement Test. There are three test options: Geometry, Algebra II or a higher-level math course. Individual circumstances can be reviewed during the process to decide which test is right for a student.

Q: How can my student prepare for the Math Placement Test?

HF: There are math review packets at  available online, and we host weekend review sessions prior to the placement test.

Q: Who must take a World Language Placement Test?

HF: Only incoming ninth-grade students who want to register for second year or higher Italian, Latin or Spanish courses take the exam for their language of choice.

Q: How can my child prepare for a World Language Placement Test?

HF: Students should review materials from their previous world language classes.

Q: Can a student take a science/engineering placement test?

HF: All ninth-grade students begin their science discovery with biology, and engineering studies begin in our Technology Studies program. Holy Family offers a pre-engineering course to eighth-grade students. Students who successfully complete the course earn a Holy Family semester technology credit, giving them the opportunity to take Engineering II during their freshman year and compete with our robotics team.

Q: If we have a question about where our student has been placed after receiving test results, what do we do?

HF: Let’s talk about it. Our staff welcomes dialogue with parents and students to ensure we are all on the same page. We want all students to be successful—not overwhelmed or unchallenged. If, for example, a student is on the border of testing into a higher-level math class, there is an opportunity to be re-evaluated through a summer course.

Q: If my student is placed in a class and it becomes clear early in the first quarter that it’s not the right fit, can he or she be moved up or down a level?

HF: Flexibility is important when it comes to finding the right fit for students. We encourage families to contact the student’s teacher and counselor to discuss challenges the student is facing. Often one-on-one sessions with the teacher bring the student up to speed. If the family, counselor and teacher determine a move to a less challenging course is necessary, we’ll do our best to accommodate the change with the least amount of disruption to the student’s overall class schedule.

Q: Do any of the test results move students into Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors classes?

HF: Generally the only Honors option offered to ninth-grade students is in mathematics. There are exceptions. PSAT Tests, measuring readiness for college, are taken in ninth and eleventh grades and help identify AP potential.  After ninth grade, teachers will recommend Honors and AP classes to students who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills to be successful in those courses.

Q: Do transfer students have to take any of the placement tests?

HF: Typically, no, they do not. We rely on their incoming transcripts for class placements. 

Q: If my student isn’t able to take the tests on the scheduled dates, are there make-up sessions?

HF: Absolutely! Those with conflicts on the date of The High School Placement Test should contact Rory Oster at Contact the school office at 952-443-4659 to make arrangements for another summer test date for math and world language tests. It is recommended that the math test is taken in early June.

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First Quarter Honor Roll Released

Holy Family Catholic High School is proud to announce its 2022-23 First Quarter Academic Honor Roll.  Almost 80% of our student body earned merit on the honor roll by achieving the following grade point averages: 3.800 – 4.330 GPA, President’s List; 3.443 – 3.799 GPA, Principal’s List; and 3.000 – 3.442 GPA, Honor Roll.

President’s List, 3.800 – 4.330 GPA

Robert Alexander ’24
Jenna Allen ’24
Grace Anseth ’26
Emma Augustyn ’24
Jack Barrett ’25
Benjamin Barth ’25
Jack Bauer ’23
Leah Beach ’24
Zachry Beach ’25
Natalia Bellefy ’25
Anton Bernaski ’23
Savannah Blohowiak ’26
Sophia Boockmeier ’23
Elijah Bresnan ’23
Isabella Bresnan ’26
Landry Brower ’26
Kate Buchholz ’24
Jacob Burlage ’24
Thomas Carraux ’23
Erik Charchenko ’24
Joseph Charpentier ’24
Jacob Clifford ’25
Logan Clough ’26
Owen Collins ’26
Addison Cowan ’26
Casey Cronin ’25
Alexandra Davis ’26
Christopher Deavan ’23
Brianna DeLorenzo ’25
Mateo Domenech Rivera ’24
Dominic Donato ’25
Paul Dorr ’23
Margaret Dowling ’24
Jack Egenes ’24
Carson Ehlers ’26
Josephine Elsner ’23
Rebecca Ernst ’23
Daniel Fahey ’24
Jocelyn Fette ’24
Jack Forsman ’24
Elias Foudray ’25
Kaellan Foudray ’23
Courtney French ’23
Vivian French ’24
Michael Frost ’23
Benjamin Gallus ’23
Charles Garlets ’25
Kendall Gnos ’26
Owen Goehring ’26
Athina Gorra ’26
Maren Grussing ’25
Hayden Guggemos ’25
Grace Guyer ’25
Olivia Guyer ’23
Sophia Hall ’23
Nathan Hamilton ’25
Genevieve Hartmann ’24
Hannah Henderson ’25
Ellyson Henjum ’26
Mick Herron ’24
Sydney Hickey ’23
Marcella Hoffman ’25
Abbey Hope ’23
Ava Hopper ’24
David Hovey ’25
Angelina Huynh ’24
Sophia Jesse ’25
Dayrin Jimenez ’23
Paige Johander ’25
Phoebe Johnson ’24
Cecilia Jones ’26
Luke Kans ’25
Gabrielle Kapke ’24
Chloe Kendall ’26
Alexander Ketchem ’24
Adam Kimbrel ’25
Andrew Klawitter ’24
Ella Knewtson ’23
Taylor Koeppl ’23
Judith Kohrman ’25
Brady Krautkramer ’25
Alison Kunkel ’23
Ruby Lenk ’26
Kori Lenzmeier ’23
Meredith Linsley ’25
Henry Lisko ’25
Jack Lisko ’23
Mary Lizak ’23
Maleah Loots ’26
John Mackey ’26
Tamara Mackey ’24
Christina Maher ’25
Joseph Maher ’23
Tyler Manning ’24
Caleb Masi ’24
Kallin McColm ’26
Sean McGaughey ’23
Sydney McGuirk ’24
Ryan McPartland ’25
Benjamin Mechtel ’23
Harold Mellen ’25
Keira Mertz ’25
Caitlin Miller ’26
Makyla Miller ’26
Jillian Mlodozyniec ’25
Elijah Moe ’24
George Moran ’25
Roma Mortensen ’26
Emma Murphy ’23
Braedan Nelson ’25
Breck Neubauer ’26
Sofia Neve ’24
Griffin Newman ’24
Hannah Newman ’24
Gabriela Oconitrillo ’24
Keenan Olsen ’24
Amelia Olson ’26
Philip Olson ’25
Nick Osgood ’24
Reagan Oster ’26
William Otteson ’26
Isabella Paidosh ’23
Kieran Paidosh ’23
Jessica Pass ’25
Anthony Patyk ’26
Logan Paulsen ’23
Abigail Road Pawelek ’25
Yaiza Valeria Perez Torres ’25
Chloe Perrin-Smith ’24
Kayla Quandt ’26
Ariana Radel ’25
Thomas Red Wing ’24
Addison Rice ’25
Michael Richardson ’25
Michael Richelsen ’23
Jodie Rief ’23
Elise Riley ’26
Julia Riley ’24
Natalie Rizkalla ’26
Drew Roelofs ’24
Nicole Roper ’23
Kathryn Rothstein ’25
Shannon Rothstein ’23
Luke Sabart ’23
William Sandefur ’25
Kateryna Sander ’26
Margaret Santini ’25
Caroline Schaefer ’24
Kiera Schmeling ’24
Tayah Schmidt ’25
Tyler Schmit ’25
Zoe Schuele ’24
Samantha Schumacher ’25
Kiera Setzepfandt ’25
Zachary Sevcik ’26
Ava Shirley ’25
Caitlin Sieve ’24
Andrew Silverman ’24
Parker Simmer ’25
Will Skinner ’26
Charles Smith ’24
Macey Smith ’25
Rosalyn Smyth ’25
Aaron Sorkin ’24
Brady Sorrentino ’25
Dylan Spalding ’24
Ryan Spalding ’26
Rachel Spoden ’25
Nicholas Stallock ’23
Janielle Stanoch ’23
Madison Stohlmeyer ’26
Cooper Strezo ’26
Samuel Stukenborg ’26
James Super ’24
Kayla Swartout ’26
Trevor Thode ’24
Genesis Tholkes ’26
Pornchada Thongdeechanasin ’25
Henry Trcka ’25
Samuel Treat ’24
Brady Tucker ’26
Greta Tupa Clark ’25
Justina Valentini ’23
Isabel Van Eyll ’23
Matilyn Vollmer ’25
Lillian Wallace ’25
Lauren Weigel ’24
Brooklyn Weise ’26
Lauren Westerhaus ’25
Thomas Westerhaus ’24
Rubie Wicka ’24
Bryce Wiitala ’25
Madeleine Wiitala ’23
Jack Willenbring ’25
Ethan Williams ’24
Lorelei Wilson ’23
Elizabeth Witcombe ’23
Luciana Witcombe ’25
Evan Woytcke ’25
Addie Yanta ’26
William Youngstrom ’26
Desray Anne Zamora ’25
Sophia Zay ’24

Principal’s List (3.443 – 3.799 GPA)

Matilda Abercrombie ’24
Enzo AlAhmar ’24
Izabella AlAhmar ’26
Andrew Athmann ’24
Ella Augustyn ’24
Jackson Baker ’24
Kamea Bale ’24
Alexander Bloedow ’26
Brennen Bollig ’23
Haley Box ’26
Nicolas Briden ’25
Ryder Carlson ’26
Lucy Carraux ’25
Sarah Chromy ’23
Evan Cook ’23
Adam Crosby ’26
Braylon Cummings ’23
Ava Daniel ’26
Cameron Dean ’25
Kaden Dervin ’23
Blanca Diaz Blanch ’25
Evonne Domyahn ’26
John Donovan ’24
Tommy Donovan ’26
Rachel Dorr ’25
Riley Doyle ’26
Catherine Dueck ’24
William Dunlap ’25
Caden Farmer ’25
Mason Fasching ’24
Yewbdar Fassil ’24
Emily Fenger ’25
Emma Ferguson ’24
Lauren Ferguson ’26
Lucy Foley ’25
Joseph Folkens ’26
Meg Folkens ’23
Hunter Friedrich ’24
Gavin Frye ’24
Ellanore Galvin ’24
Michael Garlets ’23
Sawyer Graubins ’25
Zoe Griffin ’23
James Guillemette ’25
Joseph Gummert ’26
Hugo Gutiez Alonso ’24
Torrance Halloran ’25
Bree Hallson ’24
Drew Hallson ’24
Kole Hanson ’24
Madilyn Happe ’23
William Hatfield ’24
Patrick Herron ’24
Davis Hoffmann ’24
Campbell Hohn ’26
Cooper Huson ’23
Johnathan Hussey ’23
Charles Ihle ’26
Kaitlyn Jacobs ’23
Emma James ’25
Quinn Johander ’23
Anna Johnson ’23
Griffin Johnson ’26
Rose Johnston ’23
Nicholas Jorissen ’23
Boden Kapke ’23
Sydney Keen ’24
Kade King ’26
Jackson Klamm ’25
Jake Kooiman ’23
Alexa Krienke ’25
William Krienke ’24
Paige Kroll ’25
Lillian Kunkel ’24
Jocelyn Land ’24
Gabrielle Legg ’24
Edward Linn ’24
Michael Lizak ’26
Joseph Lucey ’26
Isaac Lund ’24
Jackson Lund ’23
William Maass ’23
Meghan Mahoney ’25
Anthony Marschall ’24
Grace Martin ’23
William McDonald ’23
Johanna McKenna ’24
Lauren Mendoza ’23
Ava Mettler ’23
Elin Miller ’25
Jacob Mocol ’26
Carson Moe ’25
Griffin Murray ’25
Malick Ngwana ’24
Miya Ngwana ’26
Hayden Nichols ’26
Olivia O’Brien ’25
Gavin O’Donnell ’24
Finnian Olsen ’23
Jacob Orina ’26
Parker Osborn ’23
Noah Pabich ’25
Kristian Palattao ’24
Adia Patterson ’24
Isabelle Paulson ’24
Ryan Pavek ’26
Meg Pinnock ’26
Elijah Pitner ’24
Payge Profant ’26
Jameson Quinn ’24
Alexandra Raw ’25
Bennett Reinhard ’23
Elizabeth Ricke ’23
Lucy Riegert ’26
Abigail Ries ’24
Simone Roman Vega ’24
Ava Rotert ’26
Bennett Russo ’23
Nadia Rustowicz ’23
Lily Schaffer ’24
Sophia Schlegel ’24
Heather Schoen ’25
Keyan Schugel ’23
Amanda Seck ’24
Kellen Sieve ’23
Jackson Smith ’25
Joseph Smith ’24
Sophia Smith ’23
Ayden Soltis ’24
Kaitlynn Sparby ’23
Colby Stewart ’26
Melanie Stewart-Hester ’23
Benjamin Strezo ’23
Greta Studer ’26
Danielle Sutcliffe ’23
Sophia Terris ’25
Skyler Theis ’24
Grace Timmers ’26
Lily Titler ’26
Lauren Toth ’25
Ella Tracy ’24
Charlie Tucker ’24
Ally Wamhoff ’24
Preslee Welu ’25
Daisie Wicka ’26
Parker Will ’23
Ava Wilson ’24
Gavin Wilson ’24
Georgia Wilson ’25
Kalah Worm ’25
Mia Worrell ’24
Noah Worrell ’26
Ben Zweber ’24

Honor Roll (3.000 – 3.442)

Kady Agerland ’26
Thomas Agerland ’23
Eric Aguilar Roig ’25
Adriana Alonso Holgado ’25
Liam Anderson ’23
Maggie Babler ’24
Christian Baker ’25
Julia Baskfield ’25
Zachary Beddor ’25
Addison Bollig ’25
Brooklynn Borchardt ’26
Daxton Burdak ’23
Gloria Burns ’26
James Carraux ’26
Oliver Charbonneau ’26
Magdalena Cline ’23
Andrew Coleman ’26
Leo Colombo ’26
Liam Crowley ’24
Jan Czeneszew ’24
Alex Doshan ’24
Oscar Esparza Villanueva ’23
Audrey Fahey ’25
Landon Famigletti ’26
Genesis Feliberty Rodriguez ’26
Karli Gagnon ’23
Adeline Grussing ’26
John Guillemette ’25
Ethan Hall ’23
Liam Hamre ’26
Madelyn Helmstetter ’23
Leo Hertel ’24
Alexander Hesse ’25
Isabella Hocevar ’24
Elise Keen ’26
Grant Kerfoot ’26
Matthew King ’24
Brelynn Koehler ’26
Elizabeth Kroening ’24
Ryder Kroll ’23
Sonja Laaksonen ’25
Thomas Laaksonen ’24
Grayson Limke ’23
Mason Lindblom ’26
Lauren Mergenthal ’26
Chase Messner ’24
Aidan Mulheran ’25
Collin Mulholland ’23
Berkley Neubauer ’24
Lucia Numelin ’25
Mathis O’Gorman ’26
Eric Oconitrillo ’23
Graham Olson ’25
Olivia Paidosh ’23
Holden Pajor ’25
Brody Patterson ’26
Quinn Paulsen ’25
Jackson Pierce ’24
Kate Pinnock ’24
Abigail Puklich ’24
Chase Rasmusen ’23
Hayley Rasmusen ’26
William Rogers ’23
Mackenzie Rose ’26
Pierce Rustowicz ’26
Elizabeth Schmidt ’26
Jason Schommer ’25
Maielle Schugel ’25
Connor Sessa ’24
Morgan Simmer ’26
Eli Sorkin ’26
Keiji Suggs ’24
Breanna Sutcliffe ’26
Nora Swartzbaugh ’25
Danika Terrell ’25
Malori Tessness ’26
Maia Timonen ’25
John Titler ’24
Rodrigo Torregrosa Lopez ’25
Isabella Ward ’24
Joseph Weyandt ’26
Alexis Zuniga ’26

Scholarships for Incoming Students

Middle School Matters! Let’s talk scholarships.

Let’s talk SCHOLARSHIPS, and the huge opportunity they provide families with students attending Holy Family Catholic High School.

Each year Holy Family awards a number of scholarships and grants to incoming students. These awards ease tuition costs, while also rewarding students for their past success and future potential.

“We’ve put our money where our mouth is with this program,” says Rory Oster, Executive Director for Enrollment. “We have dedicated significant financial resources to these scholarships to ensure a broad application of funds is possible.”

For those who like hard numbers, consider these facts:

  • 9X. Holy Family scholarship and grant offerings are trending up with many added during the last three school years. Students may apply for more than one scholarship in the areas they feel most appropriate. Most are awarded to multiple students each year.
  • 3 Categories. 1) Merit Scholarships are earned by students that have already achieved and excelled in middle school, and show potential for future success. 2) Qualifying Scholarships are for students meeting specific criteria, such as coming from one particular middle school.  3) Grants are awarded to families meeting qualifying criteria.
  • Stackable and Renewable. Many scholarships and grants are awarded to multiple students each year. Also, most scholarships are renewable annually for four years, and students can apply for up two different merit scholarships.
  • Lots of Zeros. Annual awards range from $500-$3,000. Multiply by four years, and they grow to several thousands of dollars in tuition savings!

“It is absolutely in every incoming ninth grader’s best interest to apply,” Oster adds. “With the variety of areas covered in our merit scholarship program, we have the ability to reach many families. Why not give it a shot?”

Before breaking down each scholarship opportunity available to incoming students, here are some essential yet critical things to know:

  • Holy Family Enrollment. Before applying for scholarships or grants, students complete the Application for Enrollment.  Incoming ninth-grade students must also take the High School Placement Test given in January.
  • Categories. Scholarships are available for academic achievement, leadership, volunteerism, and involvement in extracurricular activities except for athletics. 
  • January 22 is the priority deadline for applications. Don’t wait until last minute. Several scholarships require an essay or plan. These take thought and polishing. Students meeting the January 22 deadline receive first consideration.  Applications received after that date may be eligible if funds are still available.
  • Variable Tuition Applications. For most scholarships and grants, an application for variable tuition is not required. But some do require this application. If so, be sure to complete it by January 22.
  • We have streamlined the application process and students need only submit a single application essay, even if they are applying for multiple scholarships.

Now that the official stuff is out of the way, here’s a look at all Holy Family scholarship and grant opportunities. Any way you add it up, these are a win for Holy Family students and families.


Students intending to apply for Holy Family Merit Scholarships must complete the Holy Family Placement Test.

President’s Award for Academic Achievement

Award: $500-$1,500 per year

Who Should Apply: Students with proven academic success in middle school or other high schools.

Who’s Eligible: Incoming 9th-grade students and transfer students

You’ll want to know:

  • Requires an application
  • Strong placement test scores are also considered for this award.
  • Annually renews if a student maintains a 3.0 or better GPA while attending Holy Family.

Fine Arts Scholarship

Award: $500-$1,500 per year

Who Should Apply: Students who have participated and excelled in art, music or theater, and plan to make it a significant part of their Holy Family experience.

Who’s Eligible: Incoming 9th-grade students and transfer students

You’ll want to know:

  • Requires an application
  • Criteria for selection include a student’s past involvement and experience in arts programs, accomplishments in arts programs, and a written statement of “passion for the arts.”
  • Annually renews if a student continues to participate in Holy Family fine arts programs. 

Founders’ Scholarship for Leaders

Award: $500-$1,500 per year

Who Should Apply: Students whose leadership has positively impacted the lives of fellow students, their community, and the world.

Who’s Eligible: Incoming 9th-grade students and transfer students

You’ll want to know:

  • Requires an application
  • Named after the pioneering leaders who founded Holy Family in 2000
  • Annually renews if a student continues to demonstrate leadership growth

St. John Baptist De La Salle Award

Award: $500-$1,500 per year

Who Should Apply: Students dedicated to service and have made an impact on their school, local community, or church.

Who’s Eligible: Incoming 9th-grade students and transfer students

You’ll want to know:

  • Requires an application
  • Application requires an essay about student’s service activities and accomplishments.
  • Annually renews if a student continues to be committed to community service.


Catholic Parish and School Staff Discount

Holy Family Catholic High School is excited to provide a 30% tuition discount program for children of Catholic parish and Pre-K-8 school full-time staff members. Part-time staff members are a pro-rated discount based on their FTE.

Award:  30% of Tuition

Who Should Apply: Staff Members of Catholic Parishes and Schools

Who’s Eligible: Staff Members of Catholic Parishes and Schools

You’ll want to know:

  • Check the box on the scholarship application.
  • Also eligible for other scholarship or tuition assistance awards


Ignite the Fire Scholarship

Award: $1,000-$2,500 per year

Who Should Apply: Students who are active in programs and activities, plus have maintained a 3.5 GPA while attending middle school.

Who’s Eligible: Incoming 9th-grade students attending Holy Family with at least one recipient having attended St. Hubert School.

You’ll want to know:

  • Scholarship requires a separate application.
  • Students must articulate a plan for remaining active in Holy Family extracurricular activities.
  • Annually renews if a student maintains a 3.25 GPA at Holy Family. 
  • Must demonstrate financial need 

Flaherty Family Foundation

Award: Determined on a case-by-case basis

Who Should Apply: Highly motivated students with high potential and significant economic needs determined by TADS; positive contributor to the community.

Who’s Eligible: Students with a 3.5 middle school GPA meeting needs determined by TADS from a household with an annual income below $70,000.

You’ll want to know:

  • Families must complete a TADS application. Those meeting criteria are invited to complete the foundation’s application.
  • Annually renews by foundation if similar standards are met each year.

Radick Family Scholarship

Award: Up to $2,000 per year

Who Should Apply: Former Guardian Angels Catholic School and St. John the Baptist School families in Jordan who apply to HFCHS and demonstrate financial need (via TADS application) are eligible for this scholarship annually through the Radick Family Scholarship, in addition to tuition assistance that may be awarded by Holy Family. The Radick Family seeks to support Catholic education for all families through this scholarship.

Who’s Eligible: Former Guardian Angels Catholic School and St. John the Baptist School families

You’ll want to know:

  • Requires an application
  • Applicants may also qualify for additional tuition assistance.
  • A separate application is not required. 
  • Annually renews if similar standards are met each year.

Greg Osterdyk Memorial Scholarship

Who Should Apply: Families who are bearing the burden of having lost a parent.

Who’s Eligible: Families who have lost a parent.

You’ll want to know:

  • Applicants may also qualify for additional tuition assistance.
  • A separate application is not required. 
  • Annually renews if similar standards are met each year.

Angie Quinn Memorial Scholarship 

Who Should Apply:

Angie was the mother of two Holy Family students, an educator, a coach, advocate, and supporter of youth extracurricular activities. She was also a strong believer in the positive life-long impact and benefit of a Catholic education and of belonging to this special school family. Her family, friends and the community honor her legacy through these scholarships.

The Angie Quinn Memorial Scholarship Fund supports access for students who will thrive as members of the HF community. To qualify, the applicant must demonstrate financial need as determined through TADS and possess high academic potential – minimum GPA 3.25 (middle school & HFCHS). Scholarships are renewable annually, and students must remain in good standing academically (3.25 GPA) and in moral character.

Applicants must submit a scholarship essay, and will be rated based upon the following characteristics:

  • Positive personal values and character
  • Active contributor to the community, now and in the future
  • Plans for positive engagement in extracurricular activities at Holy Family Catholic High School

As an educator with experience working with students of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds, growth in diversity at Holy Family was important to Angie. Students of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply

Who’s Eligible: Incoming 9th-grade students

You’ll want to know:

  • Applicants may also qualify for additional tuition assistance.
  • A separate application is not required. 
  • Annually renews if similar standards are met each year.


Swim Competes at State True Team


Mound Westonka – Holy Family Girls Swim and Dive

MWHF at University of Minnesota – Class A True Team State Finals meet

October 22, 2022

By:  K. Thomes

The Mound Westonka – Holy Family (MWHF) Girls Swim and Dive team was one of 12 competing in the Class A True Team meet on Saturday, October 22 at the University of Minnesota after qualifying in the Section 3A True Team meet the week prior.  MWHF finished the meet in fifth place behind Visitation, MSHSL Class A State Champions since 2013, Orono, Delano and Monticello.

True Team is a uniquely scored event, rather than points awarded only to the top three relay teams and top five individual event competitors, in True Team scoring, all competitors earn points with first place worth as many points as the number of entries in the event (if 40 competitors, the winner earns 40 points, second place earns 39 points etc.), and relay scores are doubled.  Each team is allowed four entries per event and each competitor is allowed two individual events and two relays. Performing well in this meet requires team depth in all events.

The team earned a pair of first place finishes in the individual events.  Catherine Dueck (JR) has proven herself to be a force in any race and that held true last weekend.  Her first-place finish in the 200 Yard Individual Medley (2:09.25, 48 points) demonstrated her versatility in all four strokes.  Abigail Ries (JR) finished 19th, Kayla Quandt (FR) was 34th and Challa Patterson (8th grade) finished 39th.  The 100 Yard Backstroke was one for the record book with Breck’s Crosby Piper setting a new True Team meet record (57.24).  Dueck finished just behind Piper (59.85, 47 points) with Kristin Collins (SR), Onna Sullivan (SO), and Peyton Schmidt (FR) finishing 21st, 24th and 39th respectively.



Kate Johnston (SR, Captain) won the team’s second individual event with the 100 Yard Breaststroke (1:05.00, 48 points).  Though also a solid free style sprinter, Johnston’s breaststroke is likely to have her on the podium at the MSHSL tournament next month.  Izzy Sullivan (SR, Captain), Amelia Olson (FR) and Ashley Johnson (7th grade) finished 23rd, 32nd, 36th respectively.

Annemarie Johnson (SO) had a team-high eighth place finish (2:03.72, 41 points) in the 200 Yard Freestyle and 9th place finish in the 500 Yard Freestyle.  Grace Warden (SO) finished 14th in the 200 Yard Freestlye, Courtney French (SR, Captain) was 25th and Peyton Schmidt (SO) finished in 41st place.  Olson, French and Patterson finished 25th, 29th and 33rd respectively in the 500 Yard Freestyle.

The 100 Yard Butterfly was a tight race with less than one second separating first and fifth place.  Camille Ness (SO) was MWHF’s event leader, finishing in 15th place (1:04.82, 34 points) with Ries, Quandt and Sullivan finishing 27th, 39th and 41st respectively.

Freestyle sprinter Jaylyn Storm (SR) was among top finishers in both the 50 and 100 Yard Freestyle events.  Storm’s 24.57 was 00:00.52 off of the event winner, earning her a third-place finish (46 points).  Teammates Ness, Johnston and Collins finished 9th, 11th and 33rd respectively.  Storm took fourth in the 100 Yard Freestyle (54.98, 45 points) with Warden in 12 place, O. Sullivan in 33rd and Annemarie Johnson finishing 43rd.

MWHF’s Dueck, Johnston, Ness and Storm won the 200 Yard Medley Relay (1:49.57, 96 points) with a more than three second lead over second place Visitation.  Collins, I. Sullivan, Ries and A. Johnson finished 19th, Schmidt, Olson, Quandt and Ashley Johnson finished 32nd and Verena Habicht (8th grade), Skyler Kelm (SR), Hayden Nichols (FR) and Isabel Starr (FR) finished 45th.



Johnston, Ness, Warden and Storm finished fourth in the 200 Yard Freestyle Relay (1:41.86, 90 points) with O. Sullivan, I. Sullivan, Starr and French in 17th, Patterson, Quandt, Nichols and Bella Kirkpatrick (FR) finishing 36th and Kelm, Sadie Cline (8th grade), Habicht and Morgan Murch (SO) finishing 46th.

MWHF’s 400 Yard Freestyle Relay team of Dueck, Warden, O. Sullivan and Annemarie Johnson finished in sixth place (3:48.06) with Ries, French, Patterson and Collins in 15th place, Schmidt, Olson, Starr and Ashley Johnson 31st and Nichols, Tiffany Johnson (8th grade), Cline and Kelm finishing 43rd.

The meet included 11 rounds of 1 Meter Diving.  MWHF 8th grader Baily Monette set a new team record and finished in an impressive third place (diving score of 348.20, 46 points).  Erica Johnson (FR) finished 13th, Jillian Schmitz (8th grade) finished 26th and Britta Elliot (FR) finished 34th.

MWHF is currently ranked fourth in MSHSL Class A with the Section and State Tournament meets approaching in November.

The team’s next meet is 5:30 pm on Tuesday, October 25th at The Blake School.


Announcement of Plans to Build

Capital Campaign 5 – Build the Hill | Special Announcement from Holy Family Catholic High School on Vimeo.

Watch the video above to see renderings of plans to BUILD THE HILL!

A Message from President Mike Brennan

In last fall’s Passages Magazine, I was honored to share the news that Holy Family was moving forward with a capital campaign designed to both restructure our mortgage debt and significantly upgrade our competitive outdoor playing field and surrounding area.

Today, I am excited to announce and share my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the members of our community who have already pledged gifts totaling $4 million toward our $6.5 million campaign goal. Their contributions have allowed us to move forward with two significant components of this campaign.

The first—restructuring our debt—occurred after 18 months of discussion and negotiations with multiple lenders. In July 2022, with capital from the campaign and confidence in our school’s trajectory, Holy Family successfully refinanced its mortgage through a wonderful relationship with HomeTown Bank. The refinancing was the culmination of a strengthened financial position, multiple years of consistent enrollment growth, careful stewardship of resources, and creative partnerships with municipalities, including the City of Victoria. This new financial paradigm reduces our annual debt servicing obligations by half and allows increased investments in our educational programming, personnel, facilities, and, above all, the student experience.

In addition, campaign pledges and proceeds are at a point where Holy Family can prudently move ahead with designing and implementing a better user experience for our teams, including soccer, football, lacrosse, track & field, and dance. On Monday, October 24, 2022, we will break ground on the first phase of the stadium project—installing a synthetic turf field and resurfacing the running track. If all goes as planned, our athletes will be running and playing on these new surfaces in the fall of 2023!

Refinancing our debt and installing a turf playing field are long-held dreams of the Holy Family community. However, the second phase of this capital campaign extends beyond a new playing surface and encompasses a dramatically enhanced fan and spectator experience.

When the additional $2.5 million in campaign funds are raised, we will BUILD THE HILL with stadium bleacher seating, permanent bathroom facilities, a community plaza, admissions gates, and expanded concessions. At the completion of this incredible project, Fire Fans will enjoy a facility that is much more accessible and comfortable.

On behalf of the Holy Family Board of Directors and our development team, I would like to invite you to support the second phase of this campaign to BUILD THE HILL. Together, we can create an outdoor complex for Fire students and fans to enjoy for years to come.

Please contact me ( or Chief Development Officer Jack Kelly ( to make your pledge to the campaign or with any questions regarding this project. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers…GO FIRE!

National Merit Recognizes Three Seniors

Holy Family Catholic High School is proud to announce three of its seniors recognized by the 2023 National Merit® Scholarship program: Eli Bresnan-2023 National Merit® Scholarship Semifinalist, and Emma Murphy and Kael Foudray,  2023 National Merit® Scholarship Commended Students. Eli, Emma, and Kael are all St. Hubert alumni.

More than 1.5 million juniors in about 21,000 high schools entered the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2021 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®), which served as an initial screen of program entrants. The nationwide pool of Semifinalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest-scoring entrants in each state. From the approximately 16,000 Semifinalists, most will advance to Finalists in February. Commended Students placed among the top 50,000 scorers of the 1.5 million test-takers.

At Holy Family, our National Merit Commended Students are more than scholars. They are active participants in school activities and generous volunteers in the broader community.

National Merit Semifinalist

Eli Bresnan, National Merit Semifinalist

Name: Elijah Bresnan

Middle School: St. Hubert Catholic School in Chanhassen

Activities you are involved in at HF: Football, Fencing, Rock Band, Robotics, Quiz Bowl, Track & Field

Volunteer Experience: I play music weekly for the St. Huberts Music Ministry

Intended College Major: Computer Science with a minor in Music

Only a select few seniors are recognized by the National Merit Program. Congratulations. How did you prepare for the PSAT?

I made sure to get a good night of sleep and eat a good breakfast. Also, I drank a lot of coffee.

You are also an AP student. Rigorous academic course loads can be stressful; how do you deal with that stress, and what advice do you have for students who are going through similar situations?

The number one thing is to stay organized. Also, when everything seems overwhelming, take it one task at a time and do not be afraid to ask for help.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from HF?

There’s a lot to miss. I’ll always remember the support and love I received from our tight-knit community, the good times I’ve had at school and activities, and above all, I’ll miss my best friend Ben Mechtel.

National Merit Commended Students

Emma Murphy, National Merit Commended Student

Name: Emma Murphy

Middle School: St. Hubert Catholic School

Activities you are involved in at HF:

Girls Tennis – (Captain 2021, 2022), Nordic Skiing, Lasallian Youth, Math League, Student Ambassador

Volunteer Experience:

Peer tutoring, Playing flute at St. Hubert Mass, Humanity Alliance, Feed My Starving Children, Summerwood of Chanhassen

Intended College Major: Business Analytics.

Only a select few seniors are recognized by the National Merit Program. Congratulations. How did you prepare for the PSAT?
I prepared by getting plenty of sleep the night before, having a filling breakfast, and going into the test with an open mind!

You are also an AP student. Rigorous academic course loads can be stressful; how do you deal with that stress, and what advice do you have for students who are going through similar situations?
Between sports and plenty of AP courses, it is easy to feel like the work is unbearable. I handle this stress best by organization and having a plan to get everything done. I make a to-do list every day which helps me stay on track and prioritize what I should finish first. My advice to anyone feeling overwhelmed is take a break and listen to music or go on a walk to get your mind off of whatever is worrying you. Talking to a friend, family member, or someone else you trust can also be beneficial in relieving stress or anxiety. Once you are in a clear headspace, just keep checking things off your to-do list!

What will you miss the most after you graduate from HF?
I will miss being surrounded by friends, teammates, and teachers  who always support me when I need it most. It is very easy to get involved in a variety of activities, and this has led me to meet some of my best friends. Holy Family is a second home to me and I will miss making countless memories within this tight-knit community



Kael Foudray, National Merit Commended Student


Name: Kael Foudray

Middle School: St. Hubert Catholic School in Chanhassen

Activities you are involved in at HF: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Knowledge Bowl, Math League, Quiz Bowl, Honor Society, Student Ambassador

Volunteer Experience: Waconia Food Shelf, St. Hubert School, Feed My Starving Children

Intended College Major: Undecided

Only a select few seniors are recognized by the National Merit Program. Congratulations. How did you prepare for the PSAT?
Most of my preparation for the PSAT was simply taking practice SATs and learning what I could from what I got wrong.

You are also an AP student. Rigorous academic course loads can be stressful; how do you deal with that stress, and what advice do you have for students who are going through similar situations?
The best way to minimize stress and manage a heavy academic load is to develop a good system of time management. It is essential to set aside some time every night free of distractions to get done what you need to get done.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from HF?
I will miss the sense of community that has been built, both in my grade and in the school. I will miss seeing the faces of people that I know between classes, and the time I get to spend with them throughout the day.

Outstanding Host Family Experience

Holy Family’s International Student Program welcomed six students for the 2022-23 school year. In August, several families from our community opened their arms and homes, making students from Spain and Italy part of their families and our school community for the next ten months.

Dave and Beth Grussing, parents to Maren 25, Addie 26, and Charley 28, hosted 16-year-old Mai from Spain. Mai quickly became a dear part of the Grussing Family. We recently sat down with them to talk about their experience and learn what advice they might give other families considering hosting an international student.  Click on the video below to learn more about the incredible experience hosting an international student can be.

Have just a minute? Read an excerpt from our interview below.

How did you decide to become a host family?

Beth:  We decided to become a host family after seeing an email newsletter from Jorge Oconitrillo. I was so excited to be a part of this that I didn’t even run it by him (Dave) first. I thought, “Oh my gosh, we have to get in on this opportunity before some other family jumps in and there are no students left to host! I quickly emailed Jorge and let him know that I am Virtus certified; we speak Spanish; we have three girls and two dogs; we love culture and introducing the kids to new places. We thought since it is Covid, we can’t go anywhere or do anything, so let’s bring that culture to us.

Dave: Beth sent  me a text that said, “Do you have a second to talk?” I was in my office on a call so I couldn’t talk with her. She then sent some information from Jorge, and I thought, “I think I know why she is knocking on the office door.”  After meeting with Jorge and thinking about how happy we have been with how everything has gone at Holy Family, we were glad to invite a student to stay with us.

What are some of the benefits of hosting an international student?

Beth: There are so many benefits. We have formed a true, long-lasting friendship with Mai. I think she will be in our lives forever. We’ve gotten to know her family, her cousins, and her friends.

First Day of Classes at Holy Family

We’ve learned so much about Mai’s culture. I think it has just opened the girls’ eyes to a world outside of what they know. Most of our family dinners are spent talking about what do you eat and what’s this like in Spain. Honestly, I think the whole climate in our house has been better. It’s just been calmer. Having that extra person changes the dynamic of a family, but you slip into a routine and in the end, our girls are better for it.  It’s been an amazing experience for our entire family.

Dave: It takes a lot of courage and confidence for a high school student to come to a new country and stay with a host family for ten months. It is really impressive. Mai stepped in and tried new things, and that has helped our girls in their confidence to try new things. It wasn’t an anticipated benefit, but certainly something that will stick with them.

What would you tell someone who is considering being a host family?

Dave: If you are interested, I would encourage you to talk to Jorge and other host families that have tried it. All these students are different, but we have been so impressed with each international student we met. They are impressive young adults who are coming here. If you have questions, just ask.  There probably isn’t a question or concern Jorge hasn’t heard. He will answer it honestly, because he wants the right fit for everyone—the students, the host families, and the school

The Grussing Family shared Minnesota experiences such as camping, skiing, and, of course, the State Fair.

Beth: We had some of the concerns that others may share: What if this isn’t a good fit for our family? What if we have issues? What if we can’t communicate? All of those worries were put to rest. Holy Family’s International Program needs you. It needs warm and welcoming families.

If you are thinking about becoming a host family, I advise you to follow your heart. I believe God puts things on our hearts for a reason.  It is such a rewarding experience that we will cherish forever. I hope more families open their hearts and homes to our international students.

What do you imagine it will be like when you have to say goodbye?

Beth: Oh my gosh…it makes me teary-eyed to think about it. We’ve tried to talk her into staying another year the entire time she has been with us. It’s going to be so hard. There will definitely be an empty spot in our house and our hearts.

Dave: We talk about what that will be like. I think it is going to be really tough for the girls. Fortunately, this isn’t 20 years ago. There are all kinds of ways to connect. We plan to visit Spain to see Mai and meet her family. We know this is a relationship we can maintain. But yes, it will be really tough because she has become a part of our family.



Burger Picked to Lead Fire Boys Basketball

After a comprehensive search, Principal John Dols announced on June 16 that Joe Burger as the new head boys basketball coach.  He shared these words, “Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, a love for the game of basketball, a commitment to the HF mission, and a passion for working with young men.”   

Coach Burger, after a short 3 year stint at Holy Family, has spent the last nine years as the head coach of the Edina High School Boys Basketball program, leading several teams through the competitive Lake Conference seasons to the Section 2AAAA finals.  He earned the distinction of 2AAAA Coach of the Year in 2017 and, in part, built a high school program by establishing a strong summer camp program that introduced over 300 youth to Edina High School basketball.  Coach Burger has experience and familiarity with the AAU program and coached with the nationally ranked 17U program.  He is well versed in the college recruiting process, and several former players have gone on to play collegiate ball, including at the Division 1 level. It is fair to say that he will immediately make an impact and continue Holy Family basketball’s strong legacy. 

Coach Burger shared this message with his new team:

It is hard to describe just how thrilled I am to be come back home to Holy Family as the Head Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach. I have always felt an exceptional loyalty to this program and it is an honor to be able to return and give back to the school that has contributed so much to my positive experience as a coach.

 I learned so much (other than how to coach defense) in my years coaching under Matt Thuli and my biggest takeaway was always how he cultivated relationships with his players. That same student-centered focus is what I will bring in as head coach and I understand that my job is for each player in our program to feel valued, regardless of their role. We are going to work hard, play the game the right way, enjoy our time on the court as a team, and maximize the competitive experience and total development of the student-athletes in our program.

 I am really looking forward to working with our players next week and so excited to be back as a part of this basketball community!

A quick note that the summer camp schedule is changing. The 9 am-10:30 am camp will be moved to 4:15-6 pm next week, beginning Monday, June 20.  The 10:30am-noon workouts will not meet next week (June 20-23).  The 10:30am-noon  workouts will resume on Monday, June 27, with an additional make-up week scheduled in August.

Coach Burger would love to meet his players’ parents.  He encourages you to stop by at the end of practice and introduce yourself.  He can also be reached at if you have any additional questions.

Upcoming schedule changes

The 9 am-10:30 am camp will be moved to 4:15-6 pm next week, beginning Monday, June 20.  The 10:30am-noon workouts will not meet next week (June 20-23).  The 10:30am-noon  workouts will resume on Monday, June 27, with an additional make-up week scheduled in August.  

Coach Burger would love to meet his players’ parents.  He encourages you to stop by at the end of practice and introduce yourself.  He can also be reached at if you have any additional questions.  


New Executive Director for Enrollment

Dear Holy Family parents,

In these final days of the school year, I am excited to share some great news with you and ask for your help in welcoming Mr. Rory Oster as Holy Family Catholic High School’s new executive director for enrollment.

Rory holds a bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University, a Catholic Jesuit university in Spokane, Washington, and a master’s degree from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. While Rory is new to Holy Family, he is not new to high school education. He has worked in athletics administration for 17 years, most recently for Camas School District in Washington. He excels at networking, relationship-building, and strategic planning, all necessary and transferable skills for his new role in leading our enrollment efforts. In addition, his responsibilities included event planning, program development and promotion, and budget oversight.

Rory and his family—wife Robyn, and their children Rylan, Reagan (HF Class of 2026), and Reece (HF Class of 2032), make their home in Carver, MN, from where Rory worked virtually and commuted for the past two years.  Reagan, a recent graduate of St. Joseph C-Stem School in Waconia, introduced the Oster family to Holy Family through our school’s dance team. They soon fell in love with the school and community.

In describing his excitement in accepting this position, Rory says, “I have become an enormous fan of Holy Family Catholic High School over the past two years. My wife and I selected Holy Family before this opportunity became available, so I have first-hand experience as a prospective parent who chose this school for the education, the opportunities, and the faith-based culture. I look forward to introducing other families to the Holy Family difference—this is an exceptional school.”

Rory is currently wrapping up the school year with Camas High School and is simultaneously completing his training and onboarding to hit the ground running on June 13. Please feel free to stop by over the summer to introduce yourself and share your unique Holy Family story.

Finally, I’d like to thank our admissions associates, Mrs. Katie Miller and Mrs. Beth Grussing, for continuing to introduce Holy Family to prospective students and parents as our search for the best candidate ensued. I am happy to say that interest in Holy Family remains very high, and new applications continue at a healthy pace.

It’s an incredible time to be a part of our school as God continues to bless us with new members of the Family dedicated to sharing the mission and work of Catholic education. Thank you for choosing Holy Family and helping us welcome Rory and our new students and families over the coming months.

Live Jesus in our Hearts,

Mike Brennan

New Food Service Program Announced

Holy Family Catholic High School brings food service program in-house beginning 2022-23 school year.

We are excited to announce the launch of a new approach to food service at Holy Family. Since its inception, our school has contracted with a third-party vendor to manage our

Picture of Chef Nate Ottum
Chef Nate Ottum is an experienced executive chef with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. He is highly skilled in catering, cooking, food preparation, inventory management, restaurant and catering operations, and menu development.  Chef Ottum holds a degree in culinary arts and chef training from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Minneapolis. 
Chef Ottum looks forward to serving students, understanding their preferences, and creating opportunities for them to try something new. He says, “One of the greatest benefits of an in-house lunch program is that we can control costs without sacrificing quality and variety and, most importantly, respond to student input and feedback.”

student lunch program. As we look forward to the 2022-2023 school year, Holy Family will be bringing this dimension of school operations “in-house” affording the school control over staffing, menu options, and pricing as well as the expansion of services available to our students and staff. Holy Family’s in-house food program will offer full-service morning, lunch, and after-school offerings focused on nutrition, quality, choice, accessibility, and affordability. Students and staff diners can expect restaurant-quality food with a wider variety of hot and cold options and plenty of opportunities for input into future offerings.

Consistent feedback shared with President Brennan during weekly senior focus groups held throughout the year, ironically over lunch, frequently shared the need for improvements to our food service program, a critical dimension of the Holy Family student experience. President Brennan says, “Senior focus groups reveal real opportunities for Holy Family to elevate the student experience from curricula to facilities, to programs, to the countless other aspects that impact student life. While our students understand the benefits of a closed campus over lunch hours, they also desire a more dynamic food program that keeps their four-year dining experience interesting and satiated. We have listened to our students and families; we have digested their feedback—pun intended—and our new approach brings an exciting solution.”

Planning for the Coming Year

In May, Holy Family administrators took their first step in launching the program with the hiring of executive chef, Mr. Nate Ottum, to lead the food service program. Chef Ottum brings more than 20-years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry from local favorites such as the Medina Ballroom, Maynard’s, Cuzzy’s Brickhouse, Redstone, Jake’s Grill, and Malone’s.

Principal Dols describes the new program and the hiring of Chef Ottum as aligning with our commitment to taking care of students. He says, “Chef Nate understands that many students remain on campus for a significant portion of their days, arriving before 8:00 a.m. and attending after-school activities and athletics. A full-service program should meet their needs with convenience, variety, and quality from start to finish. In addition to supporting our students nutritionally, our long-term vision is to enhance our students’ overall experience of food service with an emphasis on community and collegiate inspired social spaces.”

More information on where to find daily menus, provide suggestions, and see what’s happening in the kitchen will be included in our back-to-school newsletter in July. Any funds remaining in your family’s lunch account at the end of the school year will transfer automatically to the 2022-2023 school year.