2020-21 Plan to Return to Campus Featured Image.

2020-21 Plan to Return to Campus

Holy Family Plan

Last September, we gathered as a community at the Ignite the Fire All Family Mass to pray and celebrate as we ushered in Holy Family’s 20th school year. Not one of us could have imagined that the implications of a global pandemic would force the final three months of school behind a computer screen as we transitioned to an online learning platform.

Much like the virus, this transition was indeed novel for a time; however, it soon revealed our inherent and fundamental need for community and a deep desire to learn in communion with one another – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A virtual environment cannot fully support these elements. It falls short in contributing as effectively to the cultivation of a complete educational experience as when students and teachers gather in the physical classroom.

With this said, the leadership of Holy Family assumes a posture of complete conviction that we will reopen our doors and resume an on-site and in-person educational experience this fall. 

Our campus is wonderfully well-suited to the health and safety measures that may be needed:

  • Our class sizes mean we can achieve social distancing while still teaching and learning in person.
  • Our 72-acre campus, 176,000 square feet school building, and wide hallways and stairwells provide ample space as needed.
  • Our front entry security doors and check-in policies allow us to closely monitor those who come and go to and from our building.

I invite you to watch the video linked above with details describing our process and approach as we spend the coming weeks and months outlining Holy Family’s plan for a return to campus in the fall. While next year may not look exactly the way it has in the past, we remain 100% committed to pushing the limits of our creativity to engineer both an innovative and safe environment.

With each step forward, we ask for your patience and compliance as we create a safe environment for our summer activities. The protocols and behaviors of the summer, in turn, will help inform Holy Family plans for the fall. You can expect updates as appropriate over the coming months, including in, but not limited to, our back-to-school packet in mid-summer.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall.

Live Jesus in our Hearts,

Michael Brennan